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What do I do next?

If you have started taking education courses and are unsure of what you are supposed to be working on other than your coursework, use this flowchart and explanation as a first step.

What can the offices within the School of Education help me with?

  • Office of Field Experiences

    The Office of Field Experiences works very hard to find you opportunities to work with students in K-12 schools. Finding placements for field experience courses requires asking districts to host you up to six months in advance.

    • Field Experience Hour log troubleshooting. There are specific time windows when you can log hours for the current/next quarter. If the system will not let you log hours for courses you think it should, wait a week and then try again.
    • Applications for field experience courses such as Field Experience EFC 330 and Student Teaching EFC 480. Finding placements for you to complete these courses is a time consuming process so make sure you are paying attention to deadlines.
    • Registration codes for EFC 330 and EFC 480. These courses are by permission only, therefore, you cannot enroll in the typical steps. You will be sent an enrollment code to register when it is time from
  • Teacher Certification Program

    The Teacher Certification Program is the program that runs parallel to your major/minor courses needed for your degree. Without full admittance to the TCP, you cannot become a certified teacher in Washington. The program requirements are in addition to your major and minor course requirements.

    • Program Admission Requirements– Being fully admitted to the Teacher Certification program is a requirement in addition to your major and minor.
    • Application to the Teacher Certification Program. Please complete this as soon as you know you want to pursue a teaching degree and have 45 graded quarter credits. It is better to apply early and be conditionally admitted then wait too long and not have time to complete the admission requirements.
      • You will receive an e-mail from “Teacher Certification” with the subject “Teacher Certification Admittance Status” that outlines any program admissions that you still need to complete.
      • You can also find these items and links with details in your “To-Do” box on the Student tab in MyCWU (bottom right hand corner)
      • We evaluate your SAT/ACT test results as well as transfer courses in MyCWU at the time of your application. If you submit your scores to CWU and meeting the basic skills requirement is on your To-Do list, then unfortunately your ACT/SAT scores were not high enough.
    • Questions about fingerprinting services can be found under the “Book your appointment” button.
    • Liability Insurance instructions– you must purchase insurance every academic year
    • Pre-requisite requirements for Student Teaching clearance. If you have questions specific to your clearance you can schedule a TCP 301 session on our Bookings site.
    • Final recommendations to OSPI for your teaching certificates. It is crucial that you select CWU to receive your WEST-E/NES/edTPA scores for us to process your recommendation in a timely manner. We review files twice a week to process recommendations automatically without you contacting us. However, if we don’t have test scores we assume you haven’t met all the requirements yet.
  • Academic Advisor

    Your Education Advisor is your “go-to” for questions about courses and major requirements. They will help connect you to the right people to get your questions answered.

    Contact for assistance getting an Education Advisor!

  • Registrar Services

    The Office of the Registrar houses many important services related to your quarterly processes as a student. Enrollment, transcripts, degree checkout, catalogs, and scheduling are all processes housed by this department.

    • If you have questions about the status of a course substitution.
    • Applying for graduation is an additional step you must complete by the posted deadlines. School of Education does not apply for you!
    • Awarding your degree is completed by Degree Checkout. The Teacher Certification Program and the Office of Field Experiences have no influence over this process.

Job Opportunities

Career Services has an excellent list of employment resources as well as several services to sharpen your applications. You already have an account with the Wildcat Career Network! Use the app in MyCWU to find helpful tools like mock interview videos and job openings!

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Updated 5/5/2022