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College of Education and Professional Studies

Recent News

- April 21, 2011

NEHS faculty and students recently presented research outcomes from collaborative projects at the NorthWest American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting and the annual Experimental Biology conference.

NorthWest American College of Sports Medicine Meeting research papers by students in Clinical Physiology and in Exercise Science accepted for presentation by students (underlined) and faculty.

  1. The effect of yoga training on fall risk factors in older adults
    • T. Lamb, C. Papadopoulos, T. Burnham, C. Sims
  2. The effects of orthotics on comfort and performance among male collegiate rugby players.
    • M. Montgomery, R. Pritchett, R.Ford, A. Bloch, K. Pritchett
  3. The acute effect of caffeine consumption on resting metabolic rate.
    • Z. Liu, C. Papadopoulos, K. Pritchett, and R. Pritchett
  4. Accelerometer derived activity counts and oxygen consumption between young and elderly individuals
    • L. Whitcher, C. Papadopoulos, V. Nethery, L. D. Acquisto
  5. Upper extremity overuse and swing-torque back injuries dominate the injury profile of collegiate golfers.
    • Harveson, A. Pritchett, T. Burnham and V. Nethery
  6. Experimental Biology Conference Washington D.C. April 9-13, 2011. Ultra high viscosity hydroxypropylmethylcellulose blunts postprandial glucose after a breakfast meal.
    • Gee, D., Dow,S., K., Pritchett, Hawk, S., and Herrington, S.
  7. The effects of omega-3 fatty acids and bexarotene on human breast cancer progresson.
    • Hawk, S., Trappman, J. (undergraduate)
  8. The effects of aging on SIRT6 protein levels in various tissues of rats.
    • LaGuire, T. Kohlen, C., Hawk, S., Reaves, S. (collaborative work among Dr. Hawk and faculty at Cal Poly State Univ., San Luis Obispo)

NEHS Graduate students recently admitted into Ph.D. programs (will begin Fall 2011)

  • Ziyang (Sophia) Liu : Ball State University Bioenergetics - Human Performance Lab
  • Colin Carriker : University of New Mexico Exercise Science - Depart. Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences
  • Amber Green : University of Idaho Exercise Science - Department of Exercise Science and Health

Former NEHS graduate students currently in doctoral programs

  • Travis Hudon, MD/DO - Pacific Northwest Medical School
  • Charlie Katica, Ph.D. - University of Alabama
  • Andrew delPozzi, Ph.D. - University of Alabama
  • Phil Matern, Ph.D. - University of California, Davis
  • David Derkacs, Ph.D. - University of Utah
  • Justin Brown, Ph.D. - University of Utah
  • Andrew Harveson, DPT - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Former NEHS graduate students that have recently completed Ph.D.

  • Jared Dickenson (Ph.D., Ball State University) post-doctoral researcher -
    • University of Texas Medical School Recent research on muscle protein metabolism at the Experimental Biology Conference in Washington D.C. (April, 2011). Fours papers presented:
      • High levels of leucine are required for the upregulation of amino acids transporters in human skeletal muscle following essential amino acid ingestion (first author)
      • Isolated pharmacological vasodilation does not stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis in healthy older adults (co-author)
      • Skeletal muscle satellite cell content following acute resistance exercise with or without essential amino acid ingestion in young adults. (co-author)
      • BFR exercise increases S6K1 phosphorylation in type-I and type-II skeletal muscle fibers (co-author)
  • Matt Garver (Ph.D. The Ohio State University) and has secured a job in higher education.
  • Leland Nielsen (Ph.D. in Vascular Biology - University of Georgia) and has secured a job in higher education.


Recent student highlights - Department of Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences:

Emergency Medical Services - Paramedicine

  • The current EMS Paramedic student cohort group independently decided to take up a collection amongst themselves and paramedic faculty to provide an unfortunate family with holiday gifts and food. The CWU EMS Club donated $100 toward this cause, yielding a $400 total donation. Two of the students that spearheaded this effort took the $400 and purchased gifts and clothing, as well as food and meal certificates for a single father family with five children. The holiday donation was delivered by a community support agency on the students' behalf just before Christmas. EMS students and faculty conducted over 250 electrocardiogram assessments in combination with cardiologists and ultrasonographers at Ellensburg High School as part of a "hidden cardiac events" screening called "Nick of Time". This event was motivated by an Ellensburg High School student that suffered cardiac arrest at a competitive event. Below is an excerpt from a recent communique:

    • "Nick of Time's goal is to educate and promote heart health in children, athletes and young adults by conducting heart screenings for schools and communities, throughout Washington as a way to promote awareness of undiagnosed heart abnormalities and educate the public to the warning signs and prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death.

Nutrition Students in Community Nutrition Education

  • Nutrition Students in Community Nutrition Education gave presentations and cooking demonstrations to a local food bank on how to use or cook foods that they may not be familiar with, but are available at the food bank. The local Women, Infant, and Child food supplementation program (WIC) encouraging consumption of fruits and vegetables. Immigrant parents and their children in the Sabor Y Salud program (Food, Fun, and Fitness) on ways to improve nutrition and level of physical activity.


The national meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine conference is in Denver this June.

Research papers are being presented by the following Nutrition and Exercise Science graduate students and Faculty:

  • Stefanie Herrington (mentor: Dr. Kelly Pritchett)
  • Felicia Douglas (mentor: Dr. Kelly Pritchett)
  • Dr.Papadopoulos is also presenting a paper


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