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Support the CWU College of Education and Professional Studies

The mission of our college is to prepare competent, enlightened citizens who will enhance their respective professions, commit themselves to socially responsible leadership, and help develop the global economy in a spirit of cooperation. Each academic unit of the College of Education and Professional Studies has developed specific goals to address this mission and the faculty and staff work to ensure the quality of our programs remains high by meeting or exceeding college, institutional, state and national standards.

Give to the College of Education & Professional Studies

The University Advancement team is here to answer any questions about how you can support the College of Education and Professional Studies at (509)963-2160 or

College of Education and Professional Studies Giving Opportunities

Launching students toward a better future requires strong philanthropic partnerships that serve to create opportunities that will help develop the next generation of Wildcat leaders. The College of Education and Professional Studies relies on donor support to increase our exceptional curriculum, programming, mentoring, scholarship awards, and career development while working to further our mission.

Current Funding Priorities

The College of Education and Professional Studies identifies new priorities each year to further our mission. We invite you to help students expand their career readiness and professionalism and grow our programs in excellence by supporting the following initiatives. 

Program and Facility Enhancements

Ensure the future of experiential learning opportunities for students by supporting a variety of programs and facility improvements.

Capital Projects

There are currently naming opportunities within Hogue and Samuelson Halls, as well as the opportunity to name the new Health Sciences Building.

Student Success

Support the continued development of our students by supporting the CEPS core themes and outcomes; teaching and learning, inclusiveness and diversity, scholarships and creative expression, public service and community engagement, and resource development and stewardship.

Endowments and Scholarship Funds

Create an endowed scholarship to provide scholarships for future generations, build capacity to assist students who need them most, and attract the best and brightest undergraduates to the College of Education and Professional Studies.  Endowment funds provide a permanent stream of income are a meaningful way to honor or memorialize family members, friends, or mentors. Donors can establish endowed funds through an outright gift or through a life income gift or bequest that converts to an endowed fund upon maturity.

Fund a current use scholarship and leverage your gift to have the greatest immediate impact for students now. Visit our Funds and Scholarships section below to make a contribution to an existing fund or contact or development director for assistance in creating a new scholarship.

Funds and Scholarships

Do you want to know where you can invest at the College of Education and Professional Studies? View some of our funding opportunities below.

  • CEPS Dean's Fund for Excellence—To provide program support to CEPS programs & Activities.
  • CWU Campus Community Garden—To support the CWU community garden.
  • ISDI Program Support—To provide program support for the International Sustainable Development Institute.
  • Kappa Delta Pi—To maintain a scholarship program and to support convocations and conventions for Kappa Delta Phi.
  • Tullis Library Education—To provide financial support for students majoring in education with career plans as school librarians.
  • CEPS Memorial Endowed Scholarship—To establish an account which will serve professional development needs of the center.
  • Master Teacher Fellowship Endowment—To provide financial support for students enrolled in the Master Teacher Program.
  • Teacher Education Scholarship—To provide financial support for students majoring in education.
  • Teacher Certification Fees—helping to pay for fees associated with fingerprinting and tests to become a teacher as part of the Future Teacher Appreciation Program.
  • Education Dept Scholarship—Provides support to students majoring in education.
  • Education Week—To support expenses associated with CWU Education week.
  • College of Education Fund—To provide program support to the College of Education.
  • AGC Endowed Fund—To support program development in the areas of recruitment, outreach, and participating in activities that highlight the construction trades as viable careers.
  • Construction Honor Society—To sponsor construction management functions and perform community service activities.
  • Construction Management Scholarship—To provide support for students majoring in construction management.
  • Construction Management Advisory Council Scholarship—To provide financial support for students majoring in construction management.
  • CDK Construction Safety Scholarship—To provide financial support for students majoring in construction management and have a minor in construction safety or safety and health management.
  • Construction Management Advisory Council—To provide program support to construction management and funding for students to participate in construction competitions.
  • Construction Program Endowment—Program support fund to build support from endowment earnings for construction management.
  • Construction Management Endowed Professorship—To provide perpetual income to support a full or partial faculty position to enhance the construction management curriculum and programs.
  • CWU Foundry Fund—To support the cast metals programs on CWU campus.
  • ETSC EET Senior Project—To provide annual scholarships for students majoring in electrical engineering technology and mechanical engineering technology.
  • Electronics Tech—To purchase special supplies and materials for special student investigations.
  • Industrial Engineering Technology Fund—To provide program support to grow the Industrial engineering technology program.
  • ETSC Department Fund—To provide program support to the Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction program.
  • IET Student Projects—Project support fund established to support student projects in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Technology.
  • ETSC MET Senior Project—To provide funding for senior projects relating to Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET).
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of Western WA Endowment—To provide support to the Construction Management program.
  • Mechanical Engineering Tech—Purchase equipment, repair equipment, travel, conferences, student project support and other MET program expenses as needed.
  • Work Safe Endowment—To provide financial support for students majoring in safety and health management.
  • Sigma Lambda Chi—To provide program support for the Construction Management Honor Society.
  • Safety & Health Management Fund—To provide program support and enhancement for the Safety & Health Management program.
  • Safety & Health Management Endowed Professorship—To provide financial support for a faculty member teaching SHM.
  • Safety Student Scholarship—To provide financial support for students majoring in safety and health management.
  • SHM Lab Equipment Fund—To benefit the SHM program lab including lab related training, travel, and purchasing of lab equipment.
  • Tri City Construction Council Scholarship—To provide financial support to an applicant enrolled in the Construction Management program.
  • Risk and Insurance Program Support—To support program and curriculum development with a goal of creating a new 100% online B.S. in safety, risk, and insurance management at CWU.
  • Boeing S&HM Diversity Scholarship—To provide scholarships to SHM students to encourage greater female enrollment.
  • Professor David Carns Scholarship Fund—To provide scholarships for students pursuing a career in SHM.
  • Brian and Elizabeth Clarke Foundation—Supports ASSP and the Safety Health Management Program
  • Excellence in Nutrition—To provide student scholarships and program enhancement.
  • Family & Consumer Science Education Fund—To provide support to the family and consumer service education activities and programs.
  • WAFCS Scholarship—The WAFCS awards this scholarship on a three-year cycle to students in the FCSE major.
  • McCabe Memorial & Leisure Services Symposium—To fund annual leisure services symposiums.
  • Tourism Institute—To provide support for tourism training and for disbursal of funds in order to advance tourism training and fund activities of CWU travel, tourism, and recreation programs.
  • Dietetic Internship—To provide program support for the CWU Dietetic Internship program.
  • Fitness Research—To be used in support of research related to fitness.
  • Nutrition Fund—To provide program support to the nutrition program.
  • Public Health Program Support—To provide program support for the public health program.
  • Paramedicine Program—To provide program support to the paramedicine program.


  • Boeing ITAM Scholarship—To provide financial support for students majoring in information technology.
  • ITAM Department—To support the ITAM department.
  • IT Apprenticeship Initiatv—Recruit and retain women and under-represented undergrad students in the ITAM program.
  • ITAM Scholarships—Provides scholarships to ITAM students.
  • ITAM Study Abroad (Peru)—To purchase technology hardware, solar panels, and other necessary equipment to set up in remote areas of Peru.
  • ITAM Study Abroad (Spain)—To provide financial support to ITAM students that are traveling abroad to Spain.


  • Performance Physiology Lab—To supplement faculty scholarship, faculty travel, and graduate student research expenses.
  • Health Sciences—To provide program support to the Department of Health Sciences.
  • Orchesis—To provide financial support to the Orchesis dance group.
  • CWU-Guam Community Engagement—To support initiatives associated with study abroad experiences to Guam.
  • Purser Paramedic Program Support Fund—To provide scholarships and program support to the paramedicine program.
  • Aerospace Studies—To support the aerospace studies program.
  • Lt Gen Terry Robling Speaker Series—To create and sustain a speaker series at CWU within the college of education and professional studies and ROTC program.
  • San D. Francisco Cadet Book Scholarship—To provide support to cadets at CWU with purchasing books.
  • Army ROTC—To provide program support to the Army ROTC program.


  • Aviation Scholarship—Provide annual scholarships for financial support of college men and women working on an undergraduate or graduate degree in aviation or a field related to aviation.
  • Aviation Department—To provide support to aviation department.
  • Boeing Aviation Flight Technology Scholarships—To provide financial support for students majoring in aviation.
  • Jack Dugan Aviation Fund—To provide support to the aviation department by promoting attendance and participation in aviation-related learning experiences.


Ways to Give to the College of Education and Professional Studies

A gift to support Student Success is a meaningful statement of your belief in our mission to launch students toward a better future. Each investment made in an intentional and personalized approach allows you to make a gift that is right for your financial situation and provides the greatest impact to our current generation of students, and those yet to come. No matter the size of your gift, or your method for giving, your financial support is deeply appreciated!

Outright Gifts—Cash and/or credit card gifts are the most popular and convenient means of support. They have the most immediate impact on the university and students. Funds can be designated as unrestricted (CEPS Dean's Fund for Excellence), or to the designation of your choice.

Stocks and Bonds—Stocks and bonds, or other forms of securities that have appreciated in value, offer our donors significant tax advantages. Gifted securities are tax-deductible at their market value on the date of the gift, and are subject to charitable gift regulations. Please contact Rick Paradis for gift transmittal information.

Bequests—A gift of cash or property made through a will or living trust leaves a lasting legacy to the designation of your choice. CWU can be named as a beneficiary of an estate, as the recipient of a stated dollar sum, or as a residual beneficiary.

Real Estate—Real estate that has appreciated in value can be of great value as a gift to CWU. Consultation with College of Education and Professional Studies Development Director Phylicia Snow is recommended.

IRA Charitable Rollover—You may be looking for a way to make a big difference to help further our mission. If you are 70½ or older, you may also be interested in a way to lower the income and taxes from your IRA withdrawals. An IRA charitable rollover is a way you can help continue our work and benefit this year.

Retirement Assets—A gift of your retirement assets, such as a gift from your IRA, 401k, 403b, pension, or other tax deferred plan, is an excellent way to make a gift to CWU. Your retirement assets may be transferred to CWU by completing a beneficiary designation form provided by your plan custodian.

Matching Corporate Gifts—Donate to CWU and you may double or triple your donation at no extra cost through your company’s matching gift program. Visit our CWU Foundation Matching Gift page for more information

Life Insurance—Life insurance can provide the opportunity to make a substantial gift. A policy that is no longer required for its original purpose may be transferred to CWU. New or existing policies naming the university as beneficiary may be used as long-term planned gifts.