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College of Education and Professional Studies


Welcome to Educational Administration. Our mission is to prepare school leaders to demonstrate strategic, instructional, organizational, and political and community leadership.

The United States Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC), which is housed in the Department of Aerospace Studies, prepares students to be commissioned as second lieutenants in the U.S. Air Force. AFROTC courses are accredited and may be taken as an academic minor or as electives.

Our department offers programs of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Flight Technology with Specializations in Flight Officer, Commercial Pilot, Aviation Management, Airway Science, Aircraft Systems and Aviation Maintenance. In addition to these, a Flight Technology Minor is available.

Welcome to Curriculum, Supervision and Educational Leadership. Here you will find information regarding the field experiences of Pre-Autumn and Student Teaching. There are also various resources for students from the Pre-Autumn and Student Teaching applications to placement area maps to Educational Service District information, University Field Supervisors will find information including everything from electronic forms to handbooks to LiveText information.

Our department offers programs of study leading to Bachelor of Arts degrees in Family and Consumer Sciences and Family and Consumer Studies. Bachelor of Science degrees are available in Family and Consumer Sciences, Career and Technical Education Teaching, Fashion Merchandising, and Recreation and Tourism. A Master of Science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences is also offered, with specializations in Family Studies and Family and Consumer Sciences Education.

Education, Development, Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the Teaching Elementary, Adolescent and Young Children (TEACH). Major and/or minor programs offered include early childhood education (major and minor) and elementary education (major). Additionally the TEACH Department contributes to the middle level teaching programs in mathematics (see Mathematics Department) and science education (see Science Education Department).

The ETSC department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in the following areas: Construction Management, Industrial Technology, Electronics Engineering (with specializations in Computer Engineering and Electronic Systems), Mechanical Engineering (with specializations in Mechanical and Manufacturing technologies), Industrial Education, and Safety and Health Management (with specializations in Construction Safety and Risk Management). A Master's degree in Engineering Technology is also offered by the department.

Our programs lead to a Bachelor of Science degree with specializations in Network Administration, Web/Database Administration, Administrative Management, and Retail Management and Technology. Students who have completed a two-year IT degree may transfer into our Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology and Administrative Management. Courses in Administrative Management supplement the two-year IT degree, leading to a four-year degree.

Our department offers several programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. In addition to professional preparation in Exercise Science, Paramedic Studies, Food Science and Nutrition, the department also trains students in Food Service Management culminating in a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Also available are a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and a Master of Science degree in Nutrition.

The Mission of the Department of Physical Education School and Public Health is to promote health and active lifestyles in students and communities. Depending on their major, graduates are highly prepared to enter careers as physical education and school health teachers or in a large variety of meaningful public health jobs. In addition to professional preparation in School Health, Public Health, Physical Education, and Dance, the department also strives to empower students to promote personal wellness and help them to make informed decisions about health. The Department also offers two Master of Science degrees in Health and Physical Education and Athletic Administration.

The Department of Military Science, which houses the United States Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC), prepares students to be commissioned as second lieutenants in the U.S. Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard.



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