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Core Themes and Goals

The College of Education and Professional Studies promotes a supportive, equitable, collaborative, and engaged learning environment that initiates opportunities for individuals to make intellectual and civic contributions through reflective practice, creative innovation, and practical application. Our core themes, and goals are:

  1. Teaching and Learning
    • Maintain required and initiate new accreditation, national, state, and/or professional standards that relate to teaching and learning in all CEPS programs.
    • Provide advising that results in increased efficiency and rate of graduation.
  2. Inclusiveness and Diversity
    • Recognize exemplary teaching, scholarship and service.
    • Recruit and retain diverse faculty.
    • Recruit and retain diverse students.
    • Facilitate inclusiveness throughout CEPS programs.
    • Facilitate globalism throughout CEPS programs.
  3. Scholarship and Creative Expression
    • Students and faculty participation in scholarship and/or creative expression activities (e.g., SOURCE).
    • Obtain grant and private donation funding.
    • Provide and/or maintain hardware and software technologies.
  4. Public Services and Community Engagement
    • Facilitate relationships between CEPS and PK-20 educational institutions and/or business and industry professionals.
    • Facilitate interdisciplinary relationships with other universities, colleges and departments.
    • Increase participation in university sponsored life-long learning opportunities.
  5. Resource Development and Stewardship
    • Restore departmental office goods and services budget to 2009 levels.
    • Expand sources of revenue to support CEPS initiatives.
    • Programs will maintain or increase FTES.
    • Deliver programs at the centers that have the human resources needed to accomplish programmatic goals.
    • Students will be taught primarily by tenure and tenure track positions.
    • Facilitate and monitor mentorship program for new faculty, including TT, FTNTT, and lecturers.
    • Upgrade and/or add onto buildings and facilities.