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Educational Technology Center

Black 141 Use

Black Hall room 141 is assigned to faculty for multi-use space for:

  1. Specialized Educational Laboratory Functions.
  2. Technology Demonstration/Exploration, Collaboration/Research.
  3. Workshop/Seminar functions.
  4. NCATE accreditation activities.

This room is available for use by faculty members on an intermittent, scheduled basis (one week in advance)---i.e. classes are not permitted to be scheduled in this room on a regular basis and are therefore limited to 3 sessions per course per quarter OR 1 hour per course credit per quarter. The room has 16 PC stations, 1 instructor PC station, and a SmartBoard.

Note: Students are not permitted to be in this room unsupervised.

Scheduling Process

To schedule the room, please complete and submit the form below at least one week in advance of your needed date/time.
Note: Please submit one form per requested time slot even if you have multiple requested time slots for the same day.

Request for scheduling Black 141
(e.g. student orientation on e-portfolio/LiveText system, demonstration of assistive technology, etc.)
(MS Office is available on all computers.)

After we receive your e-mail request, we will check availability and respond accordingly by e-mail.

Accessing Black 141

Thirty 30 minutes before your scheduled time, a member of the MEC staff will set up Black 141 (turn on the computers, projector, etc.) and then lock the door. When you are ready to enter Black 141, please stop by the MEC and one of our staff will unlock the door for you. After you are finished with the room, stop by the MEC again and we will shut down the room, and lock the door.

As this is a new process, any feedback or input is most welcome.