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Early Childhood Learning Center

Infant to Toddler Room Transition

(Purple Room to Green Room)

When your child nears one year of age there are a few items that I would like you to be aware of to make the transition to the toddler side of our room easy on you and your child.

Things your child needs to do before being considered for toddler side:

  • Have their 1st birthday.
  • No longer need a bottle during child care hours.
  • Be able to walk or be able to hold their own with walkers moving around them.
  • Be able to hold off on taking a nap until 12:00.
  • Be able to sit at the table and eat solids- no infant food.
  • Be able to sleep on a cot for nap.
  • No pacifier or security item except for nap.

I will assist you in gradually transitioning your child as much as I can. Once your child is nearing their first birthday I will be doing the following things:

  1. Take them to the table for mealtimes when space is available. I will be introducing them to the food being served at mealtimes and this will allow for socialization with current toddlers. Please keep in contact about any foods that you would not wish your child to receive. Dairy, eggs, and citrus foods will not be introduced until your child is 1 year old and we have discussed it prior. No peanut butter or nuts will be served at Rainbow as these are common allergy foods.
  2. I will make sure your child is being offered a cup to drink out of on a regular basis.
  3. I will allow your child to explore and play on the toddler side when space is available and at times when we are lower on numbers of toddlers as space is sometimes an issue. The same with planned activities at the table such as crafts or hands on learning, this is also when space and activity is appropriate for your child’s level.
  4. I will begin to place your child on a cot if I feel your child is capable in doing so. This would be done with me or another staff sitting by them helping them to relax and go to sleep. Possibly holding them until they are asleep and then placing them on their cot, the same practice as is done for the toddlers.
  5. I will make an effort to extend their naptimes to see if they are able to make it until 12:00. This may take the longest to accomplish for some and for some this won’t be an issue.
  6. Bottles will be cut back as your child eats more table food. They will be offered formula in sippee cups at mealtimes until they are one and then I will work with you on transitioning to whole milk. This also may be harder for some but not for others.

Space in the next classroom your child is eligible for is also taken in to consideration.

Let me know how I can help with any of these issues. -Diana

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