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Early Childhood Learning Center

Ages 3-4 (Yellow Room)


  • Potty trained; no pull-ups, independent with reminders (except at naptime)- this is currently not an entry requirement for yellow room.  However, we would like to get back to it being one so potty trained children will be given priority when transitioning from Red to Yellow Room.
  • Talk; explain what they want; conversation with staff and children
  • Sit for meals; eat family style: uses fork and spoon
  • Self control; no hit/bite; calm themselves
  • Self-help skills; bathroom work; putting personal items away (shoes, coat); attempts to put on shoes/coat
  • Can use scissors
  • Can put items away in correct areas (ex. Blocks in block area, etc.)
  • Can clean up area/project when moving on (task completion)
  • Listens and follows oral directions
  • Shares toys
  • Conflict resolution; uses words for social problems (ex. Stop, no hitting/biting)
  • Recognizes name
  • Sings alphabet/counts 1-10
  • Circle time: able to sit, listen to story, sing songs
  • Participates in helping at clean up and responsible for self choices, with prompts
  • Independent


  • Numbers/letters
  • Identify written name
  • Team/partner work
  • Attend group time/story time; sit and listen to story
  • Friendships
  • Fantasy and role-playing
  • Engages in conversation with children and staff
  • Names and shares feelings/behaviors
  • Can use “I messages”; can address bullying behavior
  • Not hit, controlling body and calming body
  • Dressing self; snow clothes, after accidents, etc.
  • Self-help skills; bathroom independence, wiping, flushing, washing hands
  • Strengthen fine motor skills; uses scissors/stapler/hole punch
  • Can run, throw, gallop, hop, pedal, strike at object
  • Meal time manners
  • Task completion going well

These are the criteria taken into consideration when placing new students or transitioning from one room to the next.  Final decisions are made by ECLC teachers and directors based on what is in the best interest of the child and the classroom as a whole.

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