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Upcoming Events

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Tuesday Wellness Walks

Sometimes the best thing to do after a stressful day is to take a stroll through nature. Join Peer Mentors Kim and Erica for a short walk around campus/Ellensburg. These walks will be a weekly occurring event and are a great way to unwind and meet some new friends.

Friday Hangouts

Whether it’s playing games, trivia, movie night, craft, or seeing live music, Friday Hangouts are the time to chill out and connect with your peers. Peer Mentors Grace and Yahir lead this event, if you have any specific questions let them know.

Scenic Saturdays

Ellensburg is an excellent location for hiking. Join Peer Mentors Daniel and David for hikes every other Saturday starting October 8th. Please wear warm clothes, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and bring a snack! If you have any questions please text Daniel or David. Drivers are always needed so if you have a car please let Dan or David know.