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If you are a current William O. Douglas Honors College student, we would love to hear what you've been up to during your time at Central Washington University. To be featured on this site, please complete the webform below. Go Wildcats!

Student Update


DHC student Kiersten Kimminau hits the track for a cross country meet. 

Kiersten Kimminau


2020-2021 Senior

Communication Studies BA

Interdisciplinary Honors Minor

Upper-Division Honors

Athletics take up a huge part of Kimmanu's time at Central, but she wouldn't have it any other way. In her time sporting, she has made amazing connections, learned about herself, and even fallen in love with rock climbing. 2020 marks her fourth year running cross-country with the Wildcats. As a communications major, Kimminau has also worked as a features editor for CWU's PULSE magazine, a student-driven lifestyle publication. One of her latest pieces titled "Man Up" explored the language and ramifications of toxic masculinity in both men and women.

During the 2020 quarantine, Kimminau spent a lot of time running and refocusing her energy to push through her wacky senior year. One step she took to create some order was decluttering her room and personal spaces. She encourages everyone to get rid of the things that no longer give you joy. 


Madeline Koval

DHC student Madeline Koval (left) and boyfriend Will Stryker (right) hit the hiking trail.

Maddy Koval


2020-2021 Senior

Molecular and Cellular Biology BS

Interdisciplinary Honors and Chemistry Minors

Upper-Division Honors

In late spring quarter, our very own Madeline Koval was elected ASCWU Senate Speaker! This makes her a voting member of the board and the officer serving as chair and primary organizer of the Student Senate. The Senate Speaker also serves as a voting member on the ASCWU-BOD and brings issues, concerns, and legislation created by the Student Senate to the  attention of the ASCWU-BOD.

When Koval began the position, Washington was already deep into quarantine. She spent time at her family's home in Everett, WA with her mom, dad, sister, and two dogs; she stayed active outdoors by hiking. Through the summer months, Koval worked part-time with ASCWU to get a jump-start on the 2020-2021 academic year. She hopes her hard work, chemistry, and biology studies will lead her to medical school and a career as a dermatologist. However, Koval is also studying for the LSAT and is entertaining the notion of law school.

When she is not on the grind, Koval loves to stay involved on campus, listen to audiobooks, workout, support local businesses, cook, and bake. She also cherishes time with her boyfriend Will Stryker who is currently on active duty with the armed forces.


Lennon Sullivan

DHC student Lenny Sullivan and his brothers hit the beach.

Lenny Sullivan


2020-2021 Senior

Film BA

Interdisciplinary Honors and Cinema Minors


At SOURCE 2020, Lennon Sullivan with peers Scott Lien and Parker Thompson presented their undergraduate research on Sound and the Slasher Film. While slasher movies may bring the images of iconic killers and weapons to mind, the audio heard is just as important as what's seen on screen. Sullivan's video essay focused on the films Black Christmas (1974) and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1896) to exemplify how differently sound can be used within the Slasher subgenre. 

While working on his scholarly project, Sullivan also developed Douglas Honors College recruiting media. His interviews with students, weeks of editing work, and unparalleled sense of humor cumulated in a creative and stimulating promotional video which we proudly feature on our website!

After COVID hit, Sullivan made his way home to Kailua, HI and spent some quality time with family. When he's not watching movies (“studying”), Sullivan enjoys surfing and hanging out with friends. 


Anthony Krueger

DHC student Anthony Krueger poses in front of Snoqualmie Falls.

Anthony Krueger


2020-2021 Sophomore

English Language & Literature BA

Interdisciplinary Honors Minor


Anthony Krueger is a driven underclassman from Yakima, WA. At 2020 SOURCE, he presented his poster on the Madagascan fossas, or Night Crawlers. Legend has it that those who consume the creatures take on curses of greed and aggression. Despite that fierce reputation, the fossa has become vulnerable to extinction due to the deforestation in, and natural disasters of, Madagascar. Krueger expounded on the necessity of biodiversity in maintaining ecosystems.

At the University of Washington, Krueger plans to continue his graduate education, earning a JS degree for a career as an attorney. Until then, he can often be found chilling with his lizard, Money. During COVID quarantine, Krueger participated in local protests, camped with a few close friends, and worked part-time at Panda Express. On campus, he enjoys losing foosball tournaments and working on creative writing projects.


Elijah Bergevin and Olivia McDougall hike Lake Pearrygin.

DHC student Elijah Bergevin (right) with DHC alumna Olivia McDougal (left).

Elijah Bergevin


2019-2020 Senior

Actuarial Science BS, Music BA

Interdisciplinary Honors and Applied CS Minors


Elijah Bergevin hails from the not-so-distant city of Everett, WA. Spring of 2020, COVID left Bergevin quarantined alone in his dorm room. With a newfound abundance of time, he completed his third track in a series which re-explored Biblical characters fed to him throughout his pastor's-kid childhood. "Delilah" required dozens of hours of recording and editing, culminating in fourty layers of vocal performance. 

After school let out in June, Bergevin took up a virtual internship with the Casualty Actuary Society in lieu of a canceled opportunity with FAST Enterprises. He was also awarded a grant under the CWU COTS Summer Undergraduate Research Experience. Utilizing hidden Markov chains, Bergevin modeled the modulations and forms of American jazz standards under advisement of Dr. Sooie-Hoe Loke. Working for the DHC part-time, he even restructured this site!


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