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William O. Douglas Honors College


Students in the William O. Douglas Honors College are eligible for a wide variety of scholarships and financial aid assistance.

All Douglas Honors College students who are in good academic standing (GPA of 3.00 or higher) are eligible to receive a partial tuition waiver.  

Lillian Bloomer Memorial Scholarship

The Lillian Bloomer Memorial Scholarship is an annual award for Honors College students who have demonstrated high academic achievement. The scholarship is awarded to students who show the most promise of completing the honors. The Honors College portfolio, major, and GPA for each nominated student are circulated through Honors College faculty who rank-order the students. The top ranked students are selected to receive the scholarship.

Past Lillian Bloomer Scholarship Recipients

The application deadline for the 2017-2018 Lillian Bloomer scholarship 
is February 1, 2017. 

Lillian Bloomer Residential Scholarship

The Lillian Bloomer Residential Scholarship is award to five William O. Douglas Honors College (DHC) students who show academic promise and commitment to mentoring students in the DHC Living Learning Community. The residential award is $2000 to be given in a combination of scholarship and waiver. It is a requirement of this scholarship that students be in good academic standing with the honors college, commit to living in the DHC Living Learning Community (LLC) in Barto Hall for the upcoming academic year, and have completed a minimum of 45 credits toward their degree.

Students must also serve as peer mentors to DHC students living in the DHC LLC. Peer mentors will work with the DHC faculty and staff to build a vibrant academic and residential community of scholars.

CWU Scholarship Office

The Central Washington University Scholarship Office provides resources and information for scholarship opportunities. It assists students in developing a financial aid plan, searching for scholarships effectively, and making applications. In addition, the CWU Scholarship Office provides information about scholarship scams, credit card debt, and money management.


New and continuing students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the priority deadline of February 1 each year in order to be considered for need-based tuition waivers and scholarships. 


Past Lillian Bloomer Scholarship Recipients

School YearAward Winner(s)

Abigail Root
Hannah Swigart
Chloe McDonald


Justine Harlan
Veronica Houser
Reesa Nelson
Amanda Niegowski
Sheena Wildes

2009-2010Kira Birkett
Jessica Linder
Janna Sanford
Sheena Wildes
2008-2009Fiona Flaherty
Erika Harder
Janna Sanford
2006-2007Heather Luke
Jason Stout
2005-2006Katherine Geis
Alyson Roy
Chelsie Taylor
Melissa Thompson
2004-2005Lindsey Groce
Elizabeth McCune
Lindsey Powers
2003-2004Paul Charlton
2002-2003Mark Green
Kathryn McGinnis
Jonathan M. Thomson
2001-2002Ryan Thompson
2000-2001Charlotte Bemis
Caroline Graf
Katie Mendel
1999-2000Casey Schneider
1998-1999Casey Schneider
Jay Summet
1997-1998Hannah Rebecca Tracy
1996-1997Crickette Sanz
Christopher Topmiller
Rachel Williamson-Kirkland
1995-1996Charles Short
1994-1995Brad Lawson
Merideth Burch
1993-1994Anna Stranberg
Michael Trujillo
Michael Downs
1992-1993Josh Wiess
Jodie Higbee
1991-1992Stacey Buhler
Todd Mason
1990-1991Bonnie Lynn Curran
Maribel Gomez
1989-1990Scott Ashby
Jon Eldridge
1988-1989Matt Trinneer
Lorijo M. Claunch
1987-1988Karen Creveling
Vicki Kennerud 


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