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William O. Douglas
Honors College

Hebeler Hall 219
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The CWU Honors Experience

The William O. Douglas Honors College (DHC), is a flexible course of study for undergraduate and transfer students at Central Washington University (CWU). Honors complements all majors and is accessible for students at all levels of education. Our curriculum offers passionate learners an opportunity to navigate through CWU surrounded by other engaged peers and faculty members.

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Graduate Spotlights

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Mohamed Nawwar

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Beyond Knowledge

The motto of the Douglas Honors College is sapere aude (dare to be wise). Through interdisciplinary discussion, faculty mentoring, peer support systems, and events targeted for mindset growth, the DHC pushes students to do just that: to dare to be wise. Equipped with crucial skills and life experiences, DHC graduates are well prepared to achieve their goals in today's evolving culture and economy.

Yakama Nation Land Acknowledgement

Members of the Douglas Honors College community acknowledge that the land on which we learn is the historic home of the Yakama people. The federally recognized Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation is made up of Klikitat, Palus, Wallawalla, Wanapam, Wenatchi, Wishram, and Yakama people.

The Yakama people remain committed stewards of this land, cherishing and protecting it, as instructed by elders through generations. We are honored and grateful to be here today on their traditional lands. We give thanks to the legacy of the original people, their lives, and their descendants.

Official Site of the Yakama Nation

About the Yakama Treaty of 1855

DHC Apparel Store

We have recently revamped and re-opened our apparel store. If you are interested in purchasing DHC branded merch (hoodies, T-shirts, hats, and more), follow the link below.  Don't miss out; the store is only open until October 18. You will have the option to ship items to yourself or, you can pick your order up at the Shirtworks store across the street from campus.

DHC Apparel Store

COVID-19 Response

The DHC is working hard to provide comprehensive and safe learning options during the pandemic. Please use the following links for more information.

How the DHC is AdaptingHow CWU is AdaptingHow Housing is Adapting

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