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Minerva’s Owl

What It Is

With the DHC motto of sapere aude—dare to be wise—it seems only fitting that Minerva and her owl represent our journal. In Roman mythology, Minerva is the goddess of wisdom, and her pet owl is a symbol not only of wisdom, but of knowledge, culture, and discernment.

Founded in the fall of 2020, Minerva’s Owl is a nonprofit journal publishing the work of current DHC students. Minerva’s Owl primarily publishes submissions that are interdisciplinary. Such works may be academic, creative, or a mix of the two. By posting all content to our external blog and archive, we are able to highlight not only written work but other mixed media.

DHC Blog and Archive

Aletha Kleis

DHC student Aletha Kleis presents her research on the health sustainability of diets without meat.

How It Works

Submissions to Minerva’s Owl are submitted electronically. Submit Work to Minerva's Owl All work is approved by an editorial board for publication in an issue. Please submit a signed Consent and Agreement for Publication with your submission. Consent and Agreement for Publication Form We accept student submissions until Sunday, April 10, 2022. If you have questions or would like to make a recommendation of another's work, email

Lennon Sullivan, Noah Christy

Whiteboard art by DHC students Lenny Sullivan and Noah Christy.

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