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William O. Douglas
Honors College

Hebeler Hall 219

Experience a Day in the Life of a DHC Student Virtually 

We are currently converting our Day in the Life of a DHC Student visitation program to a virtual medium due to our university's online spring quarter protocol. This will include virtual tours of our classroom space and our LLC, as well as a virtual conference with current students and the assistant director of the honors college. Please fill out and submit this newly adapted webform, and one of our office staff members will reach out to you.

Visitor Contact Information
Please enter the prospective student's information in the question below.
Visit Information
We'll include them in our email communications with the visitor.
What time would you prefer to have your video conference
Please describe the areas you're interested in studying at Central so we can best tailor your visit.
Please provide us a little information about yourself! You can tell us anything you want us to know about you or any questions you will have for us. Telling us about your interests and where you are in school will help us in setting up your visits.

If you have questions regarding this webform, or the Day in the Life Visit, please call 509-963-1900 or email

If you do not recieve a confirmation email regarding your submission of this webform within 36 hours, check your spam or junk folder.