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William O. Douglas
Honors College

Hebeler Hall 219

The William O. Douglas Honors College is a four-year course of study comprised of two main pieces. The first part of DHC curriculum, the Core Curriculum, satisfies and wholly replaces, the general education requirements of CWU. The second part of the DHC curriculum, the Upper Division, prepares students for their life after CWU, whether it's a career or graduate school.

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum consists of 56 credits, which satisfy the general education requirements of Central Washington University.  Students in the William O. Douglas Honors College do not complete the framework of the CWU General Education program. Instead, students in the Honors College complete their general education requirements through a series of DHC designated courses.

Most first-year students entering the DHC will complete these 56 credits. However, students who are entering the DHC with credits from Running Start, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), transferring from another university, or transferring from a community college without a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) degree, should speak with a DHC advisor to discuss these credits.

Core Curriculum Course Descriptions/Examples

Below are courses we are offering for the 2019-2020 academic year. To see comprehensive lists and descriptions, of course, review the links to PDFs at the bottom of the page.

  • DHC 140/141 Humanistic Understanding II

    DHC 140: Articulating Honors: Research Writing in the 21st Century

    DHC 141: The Mountains' Call

    DHC 140: Culture and Cuisine

  • DHC 150/151 Aesthetic Experience I & II

    Fall 2019:

    • DHC 150: Opera is for Everyone?: Are the Fine Arts Still Relevant?
    • DHC 151: Contemporary European Cinema

    Winter 2020:

    • DHC 150: The Evolution of Music in Sports

    Spring 2020:

    • DHC 151: The Aesthetics of Ugliness
  • DHC 160/161 Physical and Biological Systems I & II

    Fall 2019:

    • DHC 160: The Nature of Beasts: Animals in History and Science

    Winter 2020:

    • DHC 161: Consciousness
    • DHC 161: Astronomy & Mythology

    Spring 2020:

    • DHC 160: Chemistry for Materials of Art
  • DHC 250/251 Social and Behavioral Dynamics I & II

    Fall 2019:

    • DHC 250: Difficult Decision-Making: Individuals, Groups, and States

    Winter 2020:

    • DHC 251: Society and the Politics of Nature

    Spring 2020:

    • DHC 251: Conspiracism, Conspiracy Theories, and American Politics
    • DHC 250: Coalition Building and Solidarity
  • DHC 260/261 Cultural Studies I & II

    DHC 261: American Hemispheric Studies

    DHC 260: American Youth Cultural Post-WWI

    DHC 260 spring quarter is undecided

  • DHC 270 Integrated Learning

    DHC 270: Adaptation in a Time of Change

    Winter DHC 270 is undecided

    DHC 270: Ciphers, Secret Communication & Personal Privacy

Upper-Division Honors

Upper-Division Honors is a faculty-mentored research experience wherein students complete two upper-division seminars (DHC 380 and 480) along with a culminating capstone project. The Upper-Division Honors program is 15 credits and complements all majors and minors offered at Central Washington University. Students in the sciences may substitute four credits of research for DHC 480.

Interdisciplinary Honors Minor

The Interdisciplinary Honors minor is 34 credits. Most DHC students satisfy the requirements of the minor by completing the DHC Core Curriculum and one additional four-credit course, DHC 380.