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Application Information

  • The William O. Douglas Honors College (DHC) has a separate admission form that should be completed online through the application below. The Douglas Honors College application does not substitute for the Central Washington University Application for Undergraduate Admission, and vice versa.
  • There is no application deadline. All applications are processed on a rolling admission basis. However, applications received by May 31 are prioritized for class and LLC placement.
  • Admission to the DHC is essay based. Your essay should demonstrate not only your ability to write well, but also your critical thinking and reasoning abilities. The application form asks for GPA, SAT or ACT scores as well as other general academic information, but this information is not used to determine your admittance to the DHC.
  • The DHC does not refuse any applicant admission to the DHC. Our mission is to promote an inclusive and accessible learning environment. If we notice mistakes in an applicant's essay or areas where the writing could be improved, applicants will hear back from us with specific notes and be allowed to revise and resubmit their essay. 

Essay Prompt

"Retirement isn't the end of the road, just a turn in the road."

It's time for you to retire. Two people have been chosen to speak about you, your life, and your accomplishments. Which two people are speaking and what would they say? Following their remarks, you impart a bit of wisdom about what you've learned about life. What do you say?

Considerations to make before you begin to answer the essay prompt:

1. Please remember you are at retirement age (60+), so your high school accomplishments are many years in the past.

2. Reflect upon the legacy you want to leave in your adult life. How has the way you've lived your life affected your family, friends, or community?

All students are welcome to apply for admission to the William O. Douglas Honors College. If you have questions regarding the application process, please call 509-963-1900 or email

Application to William O. Douglas Honors College

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