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William O. Douglas Honors College

Alumni Accomplishments

Jeff Charbonneau


The following was taken from an article written by Valerie Chapman-Stockwell (Public Affairs), which can be found here.

Alumnus Jeff Charbonneau, selected as the 2013 National Teacher of the Year, will deliver the keynote commencement speech at all three Central Washington University ceremonies. Charbonneau, the 63rd National Teacher of the Year, was recognized by President Barack Obama in a ceremony at the White House last year.

Charbonneau created programs that allowed his Zillah High School students to earn college credits and revitalized the high school’s yearbook and drama programs. He also started a robotics curriculum that provides students the ability and equipment to design and build a competition robot. In his “spare” time, he launched an outdoors club that led student exploration as far away as Montana.

Charbonneau is a 2000 CWU graduate in biology education, who also received his biology teaching certificate in 2000; and his broad area science-teaching certificate, in 2004, from CWU. In 2005, he earned his Master Teacher degree from Central. Always eager to learn something new, in 2012 Charbonneau completed certification in Career and Technical Education.

Joanna Lynn-Turner Sage


At the time I was enrolled at Central Washington University and the William O. Douglas Honors College the Honors College was transitioning from The Great Books Series program to the new Interdisciplinary program of classes. I got the unique opportunity to experience both programs, and the classes in both were incredibly rigorous academically and incredibly stimulating intellectually. Our teachers were concerned with how well we understood the material not only in a literal sense, but also how that information was applicable to other source material and the 'real world' outside of college.

My fellow students were smart, driven, and always willing to engage in
discussion and argument. The DHC was a mental playground to develop new ideas, learn more about others, and use the knowledge of past literary masters to interpret the wider world!

After graduating, I immediately entered the work force as part of the Aaron
Brothers Art and Framing company. I work as the Full-time Framer and it has provided me with great satisfaction and pleasure. At my work I often get to use my love of learning and wish to educate others in order to discuss a customers art and what works best with its style. Sometimes it needs more historical context or a more modern aesthetic but I can always get the job done and make a customer happy because of my knowledge. The DHC may  not have directly influenced my job choice, but its lessons continue to help me out!

Personally, the DHC engendered in me an incredible desire to learn more and more whenever I encounter something new. New books or theories are discovered and devoured and added to my knowledge base. My experience in discussing essays or topics from the books we had read in the DHC has many times aided me in expressing my point of view  to others in an open, accepting, and inquisitive method.

The teachers and students I met during my four years at CWU and the DHC will always have a special place in my heart and mind. Knowledge is something I can always rely on and is something everyone has a right and privilege to.

Now that I have graduated, I have a responsibly to use that knowledge I
gained to better myself throughout my life and to encourage others to do the same. Thank you DHC and Sapere Aude!

Lindsey Powers Gay


- Received MA in English Literature from University of Colorado at Boulder
- PhD Candidate in English Literature at University of Texas at Austin
(anticipated graduation 2017).
- Please see this website for professional information.


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