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William O. Douglas
Honors College

Hebeler Hall 219

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Tuition waiver
$1000 per year
Small classes
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Barto Hall

The William O. Douglas Honors College (DHC), founded in 1977 and located in historic Hebeler Hall, is a four-year course of study for students at Central Washington University (CWU) who want to discuss thought-provoking topics in small classes with other engaged students. The DHC curriculum complements all majors and welcomes transfer students into Upper-Division Honors.

  • The DHC Core Curriculum satisfies the general education requirements of CWU. The Core Curriculum of the William O. Douglas Honors College is a set of courses students take that completely satisfy and replace the general education (gen-ed) requirements students would otherwise take at CWU. Instead of enrolling in CWU gen-ed courses, students fulfill their general education requirements by taking the Core Curriculum courses offered through the Honors College.
  • DHC Upper-Division Honors prepares students for their post-CWU aspirations. The William O. Douglas Honors College Upper-Division curriculum consists of two upper-division seminars and a capstone series designed to support students as they develop their Capstone thesis or creative project.

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Benefits for William O. Douglas Honors College students include:

  • A $1,000 tuition waiver every year you’re in the DHC, as well as exclusive access to scholarships open only to DHC students.
  • Small class sizes: DHC courses are capped at 20, with an occastional maximum enrollment of 24 students.
  • Exceptional faculty and staff who provide holistic support to students.
  • The opportunity to live in the Douglas Honors College Living and Learning Community in Barto Hall.
  • Citizen Scholars: The Honors College program is structured through Four Pillars of coordinated intellectual engagement: Leadership, Civic Engagement, Undergraduate Research, and Critical Inquiry.