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The Diversity and Equity Center offers a variety of learning opportunities. Our workshops are peer-led and are intended to serve students at Central Washington University with a variety of unique topic areas. Workshops are offered throughout each quarter at a variety of designated times in collaboration with Wildcat Leadership Academy, through the Don't Cancel That Class initiative, and by request.

We are currently offering workshops in person or on Zoom. We cannot offer hybrid courses at this time. Below is the information on available workshops!

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Equity & Identity

Length: 60 minutes
Trust Level: Medium
This workshop is designed to introduce participants to concepts of equity, identity, and privilege. Participants will reflect on their own identities and how these identities connect to systems of power and privilege in our society.

Race: Identity, Systems, and Power

Length: 90 minutes
Trust Level: High
This workshop is designed to help participants understand race as identity/ies, race as a social system, and racism as a system of power and oppression. Participants will engage in exercises to reflect on their own racial identity/ies, develop critical analysis around how social systems (e.g. housing) perpetuate racism, and examine how racialized power shows up in our everyday lives.

Agents of Social Change

Length: 60 minutes
Trust Level: Low
This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the “Social Change Ecosystem” and the different roles one can have within it. Participants will reflect on their experiences with activism and confronting injustice and discuss how their role folds into the greater CWU/Ellensburg community.

Facilitation 101

Length: 60 minutes
Trust Level: Low
This workshop is designed to provide student leaders the techniques and skills for strong facilitation. Participants will gain insight into how to host guided discussions, develop their facilitation styles, and maneuver through challenging topics.

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