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Reflection Room

Location: Hebeler Hall 209

Reflection rooms on campus are intended for members of the University community to meditate, pray and/or otherwise spend time in quiet reflection. During building hours, the room is dedicated for individuals or groups wishing to engage in structured or unstructured reflection that suits their personal practice.

Guidelines for use:

  • When the room is in use, hang the “do not disturb” on the handle. Remember to remove this when you leave to indicate the space is available for others.
  • Reflective practices may require specific materials. We ask that all users of the room ensure that the room is flexible for a variety of faith, meditation or reflection practices.
  • For example, some users of the reflection room may remove their shoes. Shoe racks are provided for this convenience.
  • All materials used during reflection or prayer must be returned to their original set up. Additionally, materials should be stored in such a way to allow users to move items when they are not being used in a respectful manner.
  • Return any items such as rugs, mats and chairs to where you found them. You may move unused materials to the side of the room.
  • The university is not responsible for any personal belongings left in the room
  • There is no formal “reservation” procedure; please respect others who may already be using the room(s) when you arrive. The University recognizes that the room may be used by certain communities or individuals at specific times of the day/week on a recurring basis in order to honor reflection or prayer practices, and therefore reminds all users to respect and honor the practices of those sharing the space.

Please note that the reflection room is only open during building hours. Any concerns regarding the use or practices of the reflection room should contact the Diversity and Equity Center at or by calling 509-963-2127.