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Disability Services

Registering with Disability Services

Getting Started with DS

If you need disability accommodations while attending Central Washington University, you'll be working with Disability Services. Our office works cooperatively with other university departments to provide accommodations for students in and out of the classroom. We serve students attending at the Ellensburg campus, students at any of the CWU Centers, and students enrolled in online classes.

Students who are seeking accommodations for the first time at Central Washington University must complete the three-step registration process.

Step 1: Completing the online registration form

The first part of the process is completing the DS Registration Form. The registration form is a brief, online questionnaire. You can upload information/documentation with your registration or send it separately to Disability Services. If you don’t know how to answer any of the questions, you can leave them blank.

After the form is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation that it was accepted. If you do not receive a confirmation email, or if you require assistance completing the application, please contact our office.

Step 2: Providing disability information/documentation

To help Disability Services better understand your needs, we need documentation/information describing your disability and how it impacts you. Information from health care providers, educational assessments or other evaluations along with the information that you share during your meeting with the Access Specialist will help us understand how university courses, systems and facilities may present access barriers for you.

We will consider any information, including but not limited to records of past accommodations and services from high school, another college, state or high stakes testing organization; formal psychological or medical evaluations, and letters from past health, education or service providers.

Documentation should provide information about the specific functional limitations caused by the disability. Recommendations should be directly linked to the impact or functional limitations associated with the disability, or medication prescribed to control symptoms and include a clear rationale based on level of impairment. While recommendations about specific accommodations from medical providers will be taken into consideration, Disability Services determines what accommodations are necessary to provide equal access.

The following forms have been created to assist medical providers in providing us the necessary information for certain accommodation requests. Use of these forms is recommended but not required. 

Disability Verification Form

Disability Verification Form for Emotional Support Animal Requests

Disability Verification Form for Housing Accommodations


Disability Services recognizes that some students may have difficulty providing disability documentation. If you have questions about getting documentation, please contact us.

If you have information or documentation, you can submit it to Disability Services by:

  • bringing it to our office in Hogue 126
  • faxing it to: (509) 963-2587
  • emailing it to
  • mailing it to:

Disability Services

Hogue Hall 126

400 E University Way

Ellensburg WA, 98926-7582

Phone: 509-963-2214

Step 3: Attending an Access Planning Meeting

Once your registration form and documentation have been reviewed, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for an Access Planning Meeting. During this meeting, you will work with an Access Specialist to identify barriers by discussing your disability experience and educational history. The Access Specialist will help you identify strategies, including accommodations, that can eliminate disability-related barriers.

To prepare for this conversation, you can consider the following:

o What is your disability?

o Are there any cyclical or episodic flare ups?

o Do you have ongoing medical treatment for your condition? If yes, does the treatment have an impact on your ability to function?

o How does your disability affect your learning, reading/writing, housing, dining, technology use, etc.?

o What problem situations can you attribute to your disability?

o How have you modified tasks or environments to compensate for your condition in the past?

o What technology has been helpful to your success?

o What support services have been helpful in the past?

During the Access Planning Meeting you will also learn how to request accommodations each quarter using the disability portal, learn about DS policies and procedures, and have an opportunity to have your questions answered.

Using your Accommodations

Once you have completed the Access Planning Meeting, you are fully registered with Disability Services and able to use your accommodations.

If you are approved for housing or dining accommodations, DS will notify the appropriate department on campus of your accommodations. A copy of this email will be sent to your CWU email.

If you receive classroom accommodations, you will notify faculty of your approved accommodations each quarter through the Disability Portal.

If you ever have problems with your accommodations, or need more information, you can contact the office, or set up an appointment to meet with your Access Specialist.


Call us at (509) 963-2214

Email us at


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