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Connection Card

A Connection Card issued to a department or to the coordinator of a grant is issued solely for department use. The use of a departmental card is authorized only for employees within said department and only for use within the scope of departmental or grant business. The card is not authorized for personal use, and any use of said card for personal reasons is in violation of CWU Policy 2-2.38 Use of University Resources.

Procedure for obtaining a departmental or grant Connection Card:

The following items must be directed to Andrew Caveness, Connection Card Office, Boullion 104, MS 7493

  • A detailed written request outlining the intended use/uses of the card and who will be the cardholder.
  • A charge/credit invoice initiated by the department/grant coordinator indicating the dollar amount to be placed on the card, appropriate project ID and account numbers and with valid signatory authority. Please indicate in the description section of the invoice that the charge is for a Department Connection Card.

The charge/credit invoice will be completed in the Dining Services Office and forwarded to Enterprise Accounting for processing, with a fully executed copy being returned to the originating department. A Department Connection Card will then be issued to the requesting party in the amount charged.

Adding Money to a Department Connection Card

When the cardholder deems it necessary to add money to an existing card, he/she will initiate a charge/credit invoice with the proper budget numbers and signatory authority and will deliver or forward said invoice to Andrew Caveness in SURC 131, along with an attached memo outlining why the additional charge is necessary. Once she receives the charge/credit invoice, the dollar amount requested will be added into the system on the account for that card. Be sure to note in the comments section of the charge/credit that this money is to be added to your Department Connection Card.

Responsibility of Cardholder (normally departmental secretary or grant coordinator):

  • Ensure that authorized charge/credit invoices are forwarded to Andrew Caveness, Boullion 104, for processing.
  • Keep a log wherein the following is recorded:
    • Date and time an employee checks out the departmental card.
    • Brief description of reason the card is being used.
    • Signature of employee checking out the card.
    • Note that the card was checked back in and the dollar amount remaining on the card.

It is the responsibility of the cardholder to follow up with the employee if a card is not checked in within a reasonable period of time.

A report outlining the monthly activity on a departmental/grant Department Connection Card will be sent to the department/grant cardholder by Enterprise Accounting. When that report is received, it is the responsibility of the cardholder to attach the report to the log for that month and maintain said materials for the time required under the policies for archiving of materials.

Closing an Account

When the cardholder makes a determination that the Department Connection Card he/she is responsible for is no longer needed, he/she will initiate a charge/credit invoice so that the dollar amount remaining on the card (if applicable) can be credited back to the proper department or grant. The cardholder will forward said invoice to the Dining Services Office for completion and forwarding to Enterprise Accounting, and the account on this Department Connection Card will be closed.


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