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Des Moines

Faculty and Staff



Lucas Rucks

Regional Director

206-439-3800 x3866

Angela Engel

Career Counselor

206-439-3800 x3841

Angela Murry-Walker

Office Assistant 3

206-439-3800 x3808

Antonio Sanchez

Special Assistant to President for International, Community & Business Development - Assistant Director of Government Relations

206-439-3800 x3847

Zack Kramer

Interim Associate Director, Student Life

206-439-3800 x3818

Carol Ruggles

Senior Secretary

206-439-3800 x3831

Christine Bertie

Library Services

206-439-3800 x3849

Elizabeth (Liz) Inman

Senior Secretary

206-439-3800 x3806

Karen Daniels

Financial Aid Counselor

206-439-3800 x3838

Kathy Gallentine

International Student Advisor

425-640-1574 x3879

Pete ​Cusumano

Distance Education ITV Coordinator

206-439-3800 x3834

Rebecca Nguyen

Academic Advising


Tim MorganWestside Business Program Coordinator


Sandi Gruberg

Writing Center - Lead Consultant

206-439-3800 x3827

Sandy Lindelof   

Career Services Program Coordinator/Database 

206-439-3800 x3812





Asher Wilson

Accounting/Business Administration

206-439-3800 x3825

Bo Han

Finance and Supply Chain Management

206-439-3800 x3846

Carlo Smith

Finance and Supply Chain Management

206-439-3800 x3854

Cathy Anderson


206-439-3800 x3861

Christine English

Early Childhood/Elem Education


Cory Gann

Early Childhood/Elem Education

206-439-3800 x3823

Cynthia Engel

Interdisciplinary Studies - Social Sciences

206-439-3800 x3813

Eric Hougan

Educational Foundations and Curriculum

206-439-3800 x3830

Grace Ke

Finance and Supply Chain Management

206-439-3800 x3845

Henry Williams

Education, Advanced Programs


Jim Thompson


206-439-3800 x3839

Ken Smith


206-439-3800 x3815

Khodadad (Khodi) Kaviani

Early Childhood/Elem Education

206-439-3800 x3844

Liane Pereira


206-439-3800 x3820

Mary Ellen Reimund

Law and Justice

206-439-3800 x3835

Michael Mulcahy


206-439-3800 x3836

Robert Moore

Law and Justice

206-439-3800 x3825

Seong-Jong Joo

Finance and Supply Chain Management

206-439-3800 x3821

Sheryl JohnsonManagementOffice 372 Des Moines

Steve Schepman


206-439-3800 x3848

Tina Georgeson

Early Childhood/Elem Education

206-439-3800 x3824

TQ Yang

Electronics Engineering Technology

206-439-3800 x3837

Vanessa Hunt

Science Education

206-439-3800 x3822

Wendy Cook


206-439-3800 x3852