Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM)

Bachelor of Science Degree

This degree prepares students to enter some of today's major employment growth areas. Our curriculum, designed by subject matter experts with guidance from industry professionals, addresses the current demand for tech-savvy individuals who are also able to effectively lead and motivate teams, manage projects, and integrate technological solutions. The BS ITAM degree has specializations in: Administrative Management, Network Management, Project Management, Cybersecurity, Retail Management & Technology, and Web and Database Management.

This degree is via FlexIT, ITAM's learning path solution for students who require a high level of flexibility in their schedules or who would like to accelerate their degree progress. The flexible pacing allows students to capitalize on their previous experience by rapidly moving through familiar subjects and then focusing on new material.

At a glance

Tuition and Fees*
$2,339.60 per quarter
* Full Time Resident
Des Moines, Ellensburg, Lynnwood, Pierce County

What can I do with a degree in ITAM?

Professionals in this industry are excellent communicators who manage time effi ciently. They are detail- and big picture-oriented. At CWU, ITAM students specialize* on a specific field to set themselves apart from others in the industry.

The Management Information Systems major is closely related to other majors such as Computer Information Systems, Information System, Information Sciences and Information Technology. While each is unique, all are focused on the application of technology in various environments. In contrast, Computer Science focuses on the theory of mathematical foundations required for the development of systems software such as operating systems and language translators.

* Not all specializations are offered at all locations.

To learn more about opportunities and wages in this field visit the Employment Security Department of Washington.

BAS-ITAM Program Requirements (2018-2019)

This document does not substitute meeting with your advisor. See the current CWU catalog for complete degree requirements.

Please refer to the current Central Washington University Undergraduate/Graduate catalog for any major or minors requirements.

Major Requirements / Road Map