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Business Administration

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (BSBA) in CWU College of Busines is an AACSB accredited program. It delivers knowledge and skills in specializations that prepare learners for the industry: Business Analytics, Finance, General Business,Human Resource Management, Leadership and Management, Marketing Management, Personal Financial Planning, and Supply Chain Management.

Tuition and Fees*
$2,339.60 per quarter
* Full Time Resident
Des Moines, Ellensburg, JBLM, Lynnwood, Pierce County

What can I do with a Business degree?

  • Our specialized business curriculum helps learners set themselves apart from others in the industry. Here are some example career paths for each of the BSBA specializations:
  • Business Analytics – Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Quantitative Analyst
  • Finance – Financial Analysis, Budget Analysis, Trust Management, Investment Management, Commercial Lending, Capital Services, Mergers, and Acquisitions
  • General Business* – Business Analyst, Business Strategy, Business Development, Consumer Product Sales, General Marketing Analyst, Project Management
  • Human Resource Management – Selection and Placement, Recruitment, Onboarding/Orientation, Retention, Career Planning/ Counseling, Benefits, Compensation and Payroll, Employee Relations
  • Leadership and Management – Project Management, Team Management, Business Strategy, Consumer Product Sales, Business Development, Management Consulting, Management Training
  • Marketing Management – Product Management, Brand Management, Marketing Strategy Management, Advertising Management, Data Collection, Survey Research, Data Analysis, Evaluation Design, Digital Marketing
  • Personal Financial Planning – Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Financial Manager, Budget Analysis, Real Estate Broker, Securities, Commodity and Financial Services Agent
  • Supply Chain Management – Buyer/Planner, Forecasting or Inventory Analyst, Demand Planner, Logistics Coordinator, Materials Manager, Distribution Specialist

*General Business is available at CWU Des Moines, CWU Lynnwoood and CWU Pierce. Finance, General Business, Human Resource Management, Leadership & Management, Marketing Management, are available online. All specializations are available at CWU Ellensburg.

For questions about transfer admission, please contact the CB advising team: For questions about the student experience, please contact our CB Ambassador:CB Ambassador team .To learn more about opportunities and wages in this field visit the Employment Security Department of Washington.

College of Business Transfer MAPs

This document does not substitute meeting with your advisor. See the current CWU catalog for complete degree requirements.

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