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The Bachelor of Arts major in Law and Justice (LAJ) is designed to prepare students for professional employment in the criminal justice system and/or entry into graduate or law school. It retains the humanistic emphasis of the liberal arts while assisting students to prepare for graduate school, careers in law enforcement, corrections, paralegal professions and the practice of law following law school.

CWU offers the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law and Justice at the Des Moines Center. This university center program is designed for students who have completed a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree (usually A.A. or A.S. Degree) from a Washington state community college, or its equivalent. Typically, students at the Center have completed 90 credits prior to entering the program in preparation for the 300- and 400- level courses offered. Many of the Law and Justice courses are offered online.

Announcing Fall 2014:  The Master of Science of Law and Justice!  Applications are currently being accepted.  Find out more here:


*Course may be offered online.

For more information, visit the Law and Justice site.

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