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College of Education and Professional Studies

CWU Orchesis Dancers Perform in North Carolina


Two choreographic submissions from CWU student Megan Zelenak and faculty member Therese Young were accepted through an adjudicated selection process for a National  Dance Gala,  hosted by the NDA (National Dance Association,) in Charlotte, North Carolina.  In conjunction with the AAHPERD (the American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance), eight CWU Orchesis dance students performed two pieces of original choreography on April 25th 2013. The pieces were entitled Tension –choreographed by student Megan Zelenak, and I’m Ready Now -choreographed by faculty member Therese Young.  This gala was an evening of dance works from choreographers across the country.  The dancers include: Lisa Barsotti, Krista Behling, Taylor Bir, Kayla Brown, Lauren Corkery, Sariina Eschels, Leah Fadenrecht, Collier Daniels-Hall and Therese Young. Two dance alternates, Ariel Davidson and Sara Zielke also attended the conference.  Funding for travel was provided through the S&A committee, Undergraduate Travel, CEPS, and the Orchesis Foundation Account.



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