It's good to be #CWUTogether again!

Updated: August 15, 2022, 8:00 a.m.Two students walking on campus

The 2021-22 academic year was a tremendous success at CWU, and everyone in the community helped ensure a safe transition back to in-person classes. We're expecting more of the same in 2022-23, but it's going to be even better!

As COVID-19 transmission continues to decline and more people get vaccinated, we can look forward to a future that includes mostly in-person classes and activities going forward. But we must all do our part if we are going to achieve our goal of providing a safe environment for CWU students and employees.  

Learn more about the vaccination requirement and the safety of the three federally approved vaccines on our vaccination information page. For more information, continue reading below and visit our FAQ pages for students and employees. If you are looking for additional resources, check out this handy guide.

We can't wait to see you on campus! #CWUTogether

Health & Safety

Ensuring the safety of our students, employees, and members of the community continues to be a priority at CWU. Although our outlook is brighter today than it was, we must continue to be vigilant during fall and winter quarters. The face covering policy is not currently in effect, but we still need to keep our guard up since the pandemic is not yet over. Read more about the health and safety measures that continue to be in place this year.


    Instruction looks a lot like it did last year, with more in-person course offerings to choose from. CWU also wants to encourage students to take advantage of the many on-campus resources available to you. Learn more about Central's academic outlook for this academic year.

      Student Life

      Students have been able to spend much more time together in-person over the past six months than they were before, and CWU offers plenty of social outlets to make your campus experience as fun as possible. This school year will include more face-to-face club meetings, on-campus events, and — of course — CWU sports! Find out what's happening on campus this quarter.

      Housing & Dining

      Campus was filled with students again last year, and we expect to see even more of your shining faces this year. CWU is excited to welcome you back to our residence halls, apartments, dining facilities, and on-campus stores. Here are a few resources that will help you prepare.

      Sites & Centers

      Most of CWU’s eight university sites and centers returned to mostly normal operations, but policies regarding in-person classes still depend on our host institutions. Find out what's happening at the site or center nearest you.

        Community Wi-Fi

        CWU provides free Wi-Fi across the campus. Additionally, the coverage area has been expanded through a partnership with three local government offices and a nonprofit to provide free internet access through a program called Community Wi-Fi.  CWU’s Wi-Fi hotspot, in the paved parking lot outside of Tomlinson Stadium is available to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

        Computers, Laptops & Printing

        The Multimodal Education Center offers a diverse lineup of multimedia equipment ranging from personal use MacBooks and PC Laptops to GoPros and professional level Canon DSLRs. Equipment checkout is free to all members of the CWU community with a current CWU Connection Card.