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Curriculum, Supervision, & Educational Leadership

College of Education and Professional Studies

M.Ed. School Administration Curriculum

Required Courses

EDAD 577 Diversity Leadership
EDAD 579 School Personnel
EDAD 580 Education Administration
EDAD 581 Public School Finance
EDAD 582 School Curriculum
EDAD 583 School and Community
EDAD 584 School Supervision
EDAD 586 The Principalship
EDAD 589 School Law
EDF Courses - to include EDF 510
EDAD 700 Master's Thesis or Project

Elective Courses

EDAD 575 Administration and Supervision of IDEA (3 credits) (Summer quarter)

Tentative Course Schedule 

Offerings for 2022-2023 Fall Winter Spring Summer
Recommended for First Year        
EDAD 586 The Principalship 1      
EDAD 580 Education Administration   1    
EDAD 582 School Curriculum     1  
EDAD 577 Diversity Leadership 1      
EDAD 579 School Personnel       1
Recommended for Second Year Fall Winter Spring Summer
EDAD 583 School and Community 1      
EDAD 584 School Supervision   1    
EDAD 581 Public School Finance     1  
EDAD 589 School Law   1    


Course Descriptions 

EDAD 577 Diversity Leadership
Prepares school administrators in leadership skills in the area of diversity management across all sectors of education and society.
3 credits, offered Fall Quarter

EDAD 579 School Personnel
An examination of the functions of a Human Resource Office in an educational setting. Students will learn about recruitment, selection, placement of highly qualified teachers, administrators, and classified personnel; other essential personnel and human resources functions.
4 credits, offered Summer Quarter

EDAD 580 Education Administration 
An examination of administrative theory, principles, concepts, and processes, and the administration of educational programs and services.
4 credits, offered Winter Quarter

EDAD 581 Public School Finance
An examination of writing educational grants and contracts. Students will build budgets and become familiar with various types and use of state funds.
4 credits, offered Spring Quarter

EDAD 582 School Curriculum
Examination of school curriculum for the improvement of instructional and student learning.
4 credits, offered Spring Quarter

EDAD 583 School and Community 
An in-depth examination of the relationship between the school and community for the improvement of instruction and student learning.
4 credits, offered Fall Quarter

EDAD 584 School Supervision
An examination of problems and issues in supervision. Emphasizes evolving concepts of supervision, strategies, and practices of promoting instructional change.
4 credits, offered Winter Quarter

EDAD 586 The Principalship
The administration of elementary, middle, junior high, and high schools. Covers common elements and those peculiar to specific levels. 
4 credits, offered Fall Quarter

EDHE 589 School Law
An introduction to U.S. constitutional, legislative, and regulative school law, with particular attention to the state of Washington. Covers the legal issues of governance, church/state relations, tort liability, personnel and student rights, rights of handicapped students, property and funding, minorities. Also covers basic legal research skills. 
4 credits, offered Winter Quarter

Educational Foundations (EDF) Courses

Students may browse the Graduate Catalog to find EDF courses that fit their educational or professional goals. EDF credits must receive departmental approval before enrolling. EDF 510 Educational Research (4 credits) is a required course to complete the program.
Total of 7 credits, taken during the student's quarter(s) of choice

EDAD 700 Thesis or Project

See School Administration Handbook for additional information about your options for completing EDAD 700. 
1-6 credits, option to complete available every quarter

Total Credits: 45

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