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Library Media Endorsement (LME) FAQ's

What is the application process/time line?

Complete the reservation form (available here) and submit it as soon as possible. We encourage applicants to submit early, since space in our program is limited. (Late reservations will be considered only if space permits, see #2 below.)

If you are a non-matriculating (non-degree seeking) student, you will then complete the Non-Matriculated Student Application, found on the registrar's page under Forms. Once that has been processed you will receive a letter from Registrar Services containing your CWU ID and PIN. Please note that you will be enrolled in ALL of your classes once your registration has been processed. Registration begins in May.

Once your course registration is processed, avoid any late fees by monitoring your myCWU account, and paying promptly. Tuition will post to your account as soon as you are registered, and tuition is due 3 days into the quarter, which would be June 20th this year.

Application to the University as a whole is only necessary if you are applying for financial aid, or intend to get a Masters (or other degree) or certification. If you are getting only the Library Media Endorsement, you only need to apply to the summer application linked above. If you are applying for financial aid or expect to get a Masters (or other degree) or certification, you will also need to apply to the Office of Admissions.

What is the status of your classes/ and or wait list?

We are currently taking reservations for Summer. Names are added as received, but priority is given to certified Washington State teachers. You will be advised when your reservation is received.

Approximate tuition and availability of financial aid/students loans? (subject to change)


Masters Program - If you choose to enroll in the Masters program and include these endorsement credits (500 level classes) as part of your M.Ed. You may transfer 12 credits into the Master’s program, so you should decide the first summer and contact an advisor then. (Please contact Leona Lindvig at 509-963-1676 if you would have any questions about combining a Masters and Library Media Endorsement.)

Financial aid - You must complete your FAFSA. Once you are admitted as a student Central can determine your eligibility. For more details, please contact Financial Aid at 509-963-1611 or by email.

What are the options for housing in Ellensburg?

Housing - Many of our students have utilized university housing. For information regarding housing contact: Conference Center 509-963-1141; or visit them online. Call for current rates and information. This form can be either faxed or mailed. Other students have found commercial accommodations near campus, or found private lodging through the university’s “intranet” listings.

What can you tell me about computer labs? Should I bring a laptop?

There are two student computer labs available in our building (Black Hall); two Mac labs and one PC lab. Their summer hours are usually 8am - 7:30pm.

If you have a laptop, you may wish to bring it with you. In the past, students who have brought a laptop have found it easier to complete assignments. For Internet access, laptops need to be registered once on the campus network through the computer services Help Desk. They are located in Bullion 112; phone is 509-963-2001.

Black Hall has wireless access. Wireless access is available in all buildings, and a number of other campus locations, including the Japanese Garden and most of the lawn between it and the Language & Literature Building.

Practicum hours - 

This is always a challenge for a full time teacher, but everyone seems to manage. Since everyone’s situation is a little different, we try to be flexible. 

Some candidates are able to do their practicum in districts whose vacation time or spring break or beginning of the year or end of the year are different from those in their home district.

Some candidates are able to use accumulated leave for release time during the school year to meet the 60 hours. 

Sometimes candidates use their lunch hour, or their planning period, or snippets of time, such as 30 minutes before school or after school. Some principals have allowed the candidates to “take the library” when the librarian is absent (and hire a sub instead for the regular classroom). A limited number of hours could be spent on a weekend or vacation time project under the direction of the mentor librarian. Eight hours are allowed to attend professional conferences such as WLMA. 

It is acceptable to spread the 60 hours over two school locations; it gives you additional perspective, and sometimes makes the scheduling easier. 

In short, it can be a challenge, but not insurmountable. Please contact Leona Lindvig at 509-963-1676 for specific questions.

What are the summer classes like, and what should I expect?

Very busy! The classes are currently offered in two two-week segments. Our brochure may be seen here. There is a morning class and an afternoon class each day; so you will be taking classes from 9 AM to 4PM (for 3 credits each) with a one hour break from noon to 1 PM. If you do both classes, you will be completing 6 credits in only two weeks. At the normal “exchange ratio” of 2 hrs reading/home work for each contact hour of class you would have 60 hrs. of homework each week! We try to keep it more manageable, but do expect it to be a busy month of classes. 

The 60 hour practicum is taken between the two summers. 

In the past, some students have taken the program at a slower pace, taking fewer than 12 credits per summer. However, we give priority to those students who will complete the work with their cohort group in two summers. The program has experienced such high demand that we have not always been able to accommodate slower student schedules.

Thanks for your interest, please feel free to ask more questions.


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