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Curriculum, Supervision, & Educational Leadership

College of Education and Professional Studies

Administrator Certification Program Residency Principalship

The Residency Principalship Certification prepares you for the position of building principal.  The building principal, who has line responsibility, works directly with the instructional program and student supervision, and provides input and direction to district-wide concerns of policy-making, fiscal management, planning, and curriculum.  The building principal, under the supervision of the Superintendent, and in compliance with established policies of the school district, is responsible for planning, management, supervision, and evaluation of the educational program of a particular attendance are or administrative unit. 


To receive a Residency Principal certificate:

  • The candidate should hold an approved masters degree.
  • The candidate shall have completed an approved program for the preparation of principals.
  • The candidate shall have three years of documented successful school-based experience in an instructional role with students.  Candidates who were enrolled in an approved principal program prior to July 1, 2013 are not subject to the three year minimum experience requirement.
  • The candidate shall hold or have held: (A) a valid teacher's certificate issued under WAC 181-79A-231 or (B) a valid education staff associate certificate, excluding certificates issued under WAC 181-79A-231.
  • Persons whose teacher or educational staff associate certificates were revoked, suspended, or surrendered are not eligible for principal certificates.

Admittance Procedures:

Please read the following document in its entirety prior to submitting the application materials: Administrator Certification Programs Admittance Procedures 

Course Requirements for the Residency Principal Certification:

Required Course Offerings
CreditsFallWinterSpring Summer
EDAD 577 - Diversity Leadership31   
EDAD 579 - Education Personnel4   1
EDAD 580 - Educational Administration4 1  
EDAD 581 - Public School Finance4  1 
EDAD 582 - School Curriculum*4  1 
EDAD 583 - School and Community41   
EDAD 584 - School Supervision4 1  
EDAD 586 - Principalship41   
EDAD 589 - School Law4 1  
EDAD 692 / 693- Internship**12111 
Total Credits:
(tentative schedule subject to change)

* EDAD 582 may be waived for certification at the discretion of the Program Director.

** The internship begins during Pre-Autumn (EDAD 692) and continues with the Internship during the academic quarters (EDAD 693)

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