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Cooperative Education or an Internship is an educational plan designed to integrate classroom study with planned, supervised, and evaluated work experience that links the Craft Brewing program with students' career goals and interests. It offers students a unique opportunity to combine career, social, and personal growth with the educational process. The Cooperative Education work experience may be full- or part-time, on- or off-campus, and paid or unpaid. The Craft Brewing program and CWU uses the terms "cooperative education" and "internship" interchangeably.

CRBW 490 is the cooperative education course in which you enroll in to receive credit for your internship within the brewing industry. CRBW 490 is not required to graduate with the Bachelor of Science, Craft Brewing degree but is highly encouraged. CRBW 490 allows you to take 1 to 12 credits per internship experience with a maximum of 20 credits to apply toward graduation.  If you would like CRBW 490 to apply towards your major core requirements, a minimum of 5 credits needs to be taken.

The 490 level is specific to the major and students must qualify according to university and department requirements. Students need to have completed a minimum of 90 credits before the internship begins; 15 have to be through CWU prior to the internship.

Credit Equivalency: 1 credit = 40 hours

Credits are awarded using a minimum of 40 or more clock hours of approved field experience for each credit hour earned. Clock hours will include time spent to complete the work phase and the academic phase (term paper/project, journal or log, progress reports, assigned readings, final report etc.) of the field experience.

For example, to earn 5 credits of CRBW 490, you must complete 200 hours of internship over the 10 week quarter (i.e. 20 hours per week).


If you are interested in an internship, you will need to work with your internship site, your faculty advisor, and CWU Career Services.


I'm ready for an internship!

Internship process guides, employer guides and FAQs and the required forms are all located at the links below. For any questions, please call Career Services at 509-963-1921 or visit Bouillon 206.


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