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Craft Beer Alumnus Explains Why We Should Be Thankful for Beer

Thanksgiving can be a time of great reflection. The process of actively pondering what we are thankful for can be deeply rewarding. Being the guy that says “I’m thankful for beer” sounds shallow and silly at face value, but I’m putting that down on record right here and will press the point that it can mean much more than a trite quip. Beer is a big part of my life and I am genuinely thankful for it in many ways:

• Beer preserves history and tradition. Brewing has been handed down through cultures for millennia. This has involved processes and ingredients unique to certain peoples and has been a vessel for preserving one’s heritage into the future. Beer has played this role in countless examples across the world.

Read more of this essay in the Yakima Herald Republic.

Authored by Wesley Cutlip, a Certified Cicerone and graduate of Central Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in craft brewing. He owns Cutlip Beverage Consulting.

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