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Trademarks Licensing Program

The purpose of the Trademark Licensing Program at Central Washington University is to protect the name and trademarks of the University such as the Wildcat Head, while enhancing the institution’s image in a resale situation.  This is ensured through the approval of the use of the trademarks on high quality, tasteful merchandise.

The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) is the licensing representative for CWU.  As CWU’s representative, CLC is responsible for administering the licensing program, including processing applications, collecting royalties, approving usage of trademarks and enforcing proper usage.  If you are interested in obtaining a license to produce CWU merchandise, contact CLC to obtain an application.

Use of Central Washington University Trademarks

CLC licenses products that refer to Central Washington University in a resale situation such as products that are sold at the Wildcat Shop using our marks.  This includes logos such as the CWU Seal and all of the words such as Central Washington University, Central, CWU and Wildcats plus additional trademarks.  It also includes items in which there may be a likelihood of confusion regarding the origin of the goods, such as the use of the words “Central” or “Central Washington” in the school colors or when it is implied that the usage is related or affiliated to the University.  The Department of Public Affairs works with CLC on trademark usage and approval.  They can be contacted at 509-963-1221.

Licensing Agreements

Any person, business or organization desiring to use Central Washington University trademarks in any manner and for any purpose in a resale situation must be licensed to do so.  The terms of a trademark license agreement with the University typically include advance royalty fees (varies), cost of obtaining Product Liability Insurance, and an 12-14% royalty rate on the wholesale price of the goods.  Licensees are required to submit product samples and designs for approval to CLC prior to production of the goods. CLC will work with Licensees to complete the necessary paperwork including any necessary insurance information. CLC will forward to the University any samples of products or designs to assist the University in the decision-making process. CLC will notify the Licensee once an approval is made to allow usage of the trademark. Licensees are able to obtain access to our approved trademarks once all the necessary paperwork is completed, from the CLC Logos on Demand website.

To Apply For a License

CLC Learfield | IMG College Licensing
1075 Peachtree Street, Suite 3300
Atlanta, GA 30309

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