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CWU e-Purchase

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  • Contact the Wildcat Shop
  • CWU Standard PC/iMac 
  • CWU Surfaces,
    Monitors and Printers
  • CWU Recommended Accessories, Cables and Storage Media
  • Office Supplies,
    Toner, etc.

This web-page has been established by the ITS and Purchasing Departments to support online purchasing of most of CWU's standard Information Technology hardware and other ancillary equipment and expendables (from CDW-G, Apple, or directly from the ITS Department), as well as office supplies from Office Depot. Standard IT items available through these links have received pre-approved DIS Approval from ITS. For non-standard equipment or customized configurations, please submit a Purchase Requisition Form and route appropriately.

IMPORTANT LIMITATION: Only STANDARD tablets, monitors and printers may be purchased from CDW-G using the CWU Purchasing Card (P-Card). ITS highly recommends that only RECOMMENDED cables, storage media and accessories be purchased from CDW-G with the CWU Purchasing Card (P-Card).

Want the ability to purchase online:

  • Already a CWU Purchasing Card (P-Card) holders? You are already approved and the Purchasing Department will automatically set up your accounts with authorized vendors.
  • Not a CWU Purchasing Card (P-Card) holder? Please contact the Purchasing Department at (509)963-1505 or


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