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Contracts, Purchasing & Surplus Inventory

Asset Management Information

There are forms below to assist with the management of CWU assets.

Which Assets Require CWU Tags?

Even though the dollar threshold for capitalizing assets is $5,000, an asset of any value may need to be tagged, stenciled or otherwise labeled as belonging to CWU. Assets must be tagged upon receipt and acceptance. (See CWU Policy #7- Please notify Surplus/Asset Management if your asset has not been tagged within five days of being delivered to your department.

  • Equipment costing $5,000 or more is inventoried and capitalized. A numbered tag is applied for identification purposes. These items are sometimes stenciled in red with "CWU". All furniture and equipment over $5000 will be tagged. (Account Code 54005)
  • Items costing less than $5,000 may be classified as "small and attractive" and inventoried. These items are labeled and may also be stenciled in red with "CWU". (Account Code 53420)
    • COMM. EQUIP/PUBLIC SAFETY: Audio/Video Equipment, Hand Held Radios
    • OFFICE EQUIP: Calculators, Copiers, Fax Machine, Dict. Equipment, Typewriters, Fax Machines, Paper Shredders, Cash Registers
    • A/V EQUIP: T.V.'s, Radios, Tape Players, Microphones, Video Cameras, Speakers
    • COMPUTER EQUIP: Laptops, CPU's, Palm Pilots, Monitors, Scanners, Printers
    • OPTICAL DEVICES: Microscopes, Binoculars, Range Finders, Bar Code Scanners
  • Equipment costing $1.00 or more is inventoried and capitalized. A numbered tag is applied for identification purposes. These items are sometimes stenciled in red with "CWU". (Account Code 53420 or 54470)
    • WEAPONS: Pistols, Rifles, Starter Guns (53420)
    • COLLECTORS ITEMS: Artwork, Antique Furniture, Sculptures, Antiques (54470)
    • USED VEHICLES: Trucks, Tractors, Cars, Motorcycles (53420)

Moving State Property From One Department To Another?

You are required to complete a CWU Interdepartmental Transfer Form and remit to Surplus and Asset Management within 5 days. This same form is used to report lost, stolen, or surplus equipment .

If your department has computer equipment you no longer need, see the new computer recycling / transfer procedure.

Returning State Property To Campus?

University equipment removed from the workplace must be returned to campus and accounted for once the employee has returned to the office, no longer employed at CWU, and job duties have changed that don't require equipment to be used offsite.  Any unaccounted for equipment will be the financial responsibility of the employee.

Please complete the MyCWU eform by navigating Main Menu > Financial Management > Employee Self-Service > Assets > "Equipment_Return_Form". Click Add a New Value.  Then you will see an instruction tab that provides further details.

Removing State Property From Campus?

State property can be removed from campus for out of town workshops, for presentation purposes, or to accommodate extended illness. In these instances, a CWU Property Removal Authorization Form must be completed and returned to the Surplus and Asset Management Office prior to removal. This form helps record where the asset will be located, it's intended use and the estimated return date.

Removing Equipment From Inventory?

A department may occasionally wish to remove a piece of equipment that bears a state tag from its inventory. In most cases, the equipment to be taken off the inventory is no longer functional, or has no monetary value, and is going to be used for parts.

The department wishing to remove the equipment from its inventory must submit an Equipment Parts Inventory Form to the Property Management Office. Upon receipt of this form, Property Management staff will make arrangements to remove the tag and obtain authorized signatures.

How to Record Gifts or Donations?

Gifts and donations need to be included in the University's records. If you receive a gift / donation:
Ask the donor to provide a letter describing the item and indicating the fair market value if known.
Send an acknowledging letter of appreciation to the donor.
Send copies of the above documents to Business Services & Contracts, Attn: Gift Committee MS: 7474.

Is it Trash?

Don't forget, CWU assets should not be thrown in the garbage. They still have value to CWU even if they aren't worth anything to your department. Exceptions to this rule are for consumables such as pens, pencils, etc. If in doubt, contact Dave for more information.


Jason Bakeman can be reached at (509) 963-2157 to answer your questions.

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