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Planner & Checklist Resources

Here at CWU Conference Services we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, helpful and resourceful. We have compiled some helpful information, tips and links below to help answer questions about hosting an event or preparing for an upcoming stay on campus for quick reference. We are happy to answer additional questions by phone at (509) 963-1141 or by email at

  • Successful Event Planning

    Successful Meeting Planning

    Three Steps to Successful Meeting Planning

    1. Preliminary:

    • Select two or three dates for the conference,
    • Confirm these dates with the featured speaker(s),
    • Identify your target audience,
    • Estimate the number of people,
    • Consider the number of meeting rooms needed,
    • Estimate the number of nights for lodging,
    • Anticipate the beginning and ending meals
    • Establish an estimated budget

    2. Contact The Conference Program at Central Washington University:

    Make your commitment for conference facilities as early as possible.
    Early reservations assure you the best possible rates, facilities and services.
    Share information with us - last year's program, budget, and facilities, etc.
    Our team is committed to serve you, and to make you worry free in the areas of meals, lodging, and meeting needs.

    General office phone: (509) 963-1141
    Conference Program Manager (509) 963-1153 (Aubrey Rigby)
    FAX (509) 963-1285
    E-mail specifications to
    3. Confirmation with The Conference Program:
    • Mail signed Letter of Agreement (make a copy for your file)
    • Mail tentative (or last year's) agenda to CWU
    • Return meeting room(s) set up chart to CWU
    • Mail participants list
    • Confirm guaranteed numbers with the Conference Program
  • What to Bring

    Situated on the east side of the Cascades, Ellensburg experiences all four seasons. Please bring seasonally-appropriate dress and expect to walk outdoors to get between locations on campus. Examples might include a heavy winter jacket and waterproof boots for the snow during winter months, layers in fall and spring, and light clothing and sunscreen in the summer. Central Washington University has a beautiful walking campus, so be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes. During the summer months it may also be advised to bring a small fan, as many of our residence halls are not air-conditioned. Linens are provided in each sleeping room, including two sheets, a pillow and pillow case, and a light blanket. Please see your camp director to see if you will need to bring towels to campus for your visit. Each sleeping room comes with a mini-fridge and microwave combo, and there is free WI-FI available throughout campus.

  • CWU Emergency Information/Resources
    Please visit the CWU Emergency Information/Resources page for details regarding emergency closures, smoke guidelines, travel alerts, and much more before/during your visit at CWU.
  • Campus Catering & Dining Services

    The Conference Program works with the Central Washington University Catering, and Dining services to provide meal services to our groups visiting campus. Please visit these websites for more details about Catering Service, or Dining Services.