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Students must complete a total of 45 credit hours from among core courses and electives.

2022-2023 Graduate Course Catalog

Required Core Courses (27 credits)

  • CS 528 - Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms, Credits: 4
  • CS 529 - Advanced Algorithms for Scientific Computing, Credits: 4
  • CS 530 - High-Performance Computing, Credits: 4
  • CS 565 - Scientific Computing, Credits: 4
  • CS 567 - Computational Statistics, Credits: 4
  • CS 589 - Research Seminar, Credits: 2
  • CS 700 - Thesis/Project, Credits: 5 credits total among all enrolled quarters

Elective courses (18 credits)

The elective courses are selected by the student with the help of the faculty advisor. The below list of elective courses is not exhaustive, since other elective courses may also be considered, including from other departments.

  • CS 545 - Data and Information Visualization, Credits: 4
  • CS 557 - Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning, Credits: 4
  • CS 573 - Parallel Computing, Credits: 4
  • CS 595 - Graduate Research, Credits: 1-10; may be repeated up to 25 credits
  • CS 596 - Individual Study, Credits: 1-6; may be repeated up to 10 credits

Students may use 400 level CS courses, or related graduate level courses from other disciplines to fulfill the elective credit requirement, provided they are approved as part of the student’s official Course of Study and taken after formal admission to a master’s degree program. In such cases, graduate students are expected to perform at a high level, while completing requirements in addition to those expected of undergraduates enrolled in the course.

Curricular Practical Training and Optional Practical Training for International Students

International students, on a F1 student visa, will need departmental approval prior to being authorized for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). CPT will be accepted only for the Summer Quarters and for one of the Fall/Winter/Spring quarters of the second year, for a single employer. The necessary information and signatures will be obtained by completion of the “learning agreement” which can be downloaded from the Career Services website.

For international graduate students looking to participate in Optional Practical Training (OPT), they will need to receive their department’s approval as part of the OPT application.  Application forms for OPT can be obtained by the International Student Advisor at the Office of international Studies and Programs. Students should be in their last quarter, have submitted their request for a folder check, and be on track for completion of their thesis. For Graduate submission deadlines, please see Graduation Procedures and Deadlines web page.

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