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Computer Science Advising

CS 392/492 Lab Experience in Teaching Computer Science:

These are required courses. You must submit an application to be a teaching assistant, and spaces will be awarded based on how soon you graduate, what courses you have taken, and faculty preference. 1 credit of 392 is required (3 hours of work per week); 2 credits of 492 are required and can either be completed in one quarter or spread across two (3 hours of work a week for each credit earned).
Spring 2020 application deadline was: February 28, 2020 at 4:30pm. The next TA application will be available May 1, 2020, for Fall Quarter 2020.

Computer Science Advising:

Advising and student success are important components of Computer Science programs. When you declared your major or minor, you were assigned a Computer Science faculty advisor. Your Computer Science faculty advisor is an excellent resource if you have specific questions about the Computer Science program or your future career plans in computer science.

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Computer Science Advising Faculty

Dr. Adriano Cavalcanti - Office Hours, Samuelson 216-D
Dr. Arne Leitert - Office Hours, Samuelson 216-C
Dr. Boris Kovalerchuk - Office Hours, Samuelson 216-A
Dr. Donald Davendra - Office Hours, Samuelson 207-C
Dr. Razvan Andonie - Office Hours, Samuelson 216-B
Dr. Szilárd VAJDA - Office Hours, Samuelson 216-E

If you are not able to meet with your advisor during their designated office hours, please contact them via email by clicking on their name above.

Where you can find your assigned Computer Science faculty advisor

Advisor location in MyCWU
MyCWU Advising List

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