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August 22, 2016

We are excited to share with CWU students, staff, and faculty another option to start or stop utility services or apply for a parking permit in the City’s residential zone.

Customers now have two options for starting or stopping utility services: you can visit our customer service counter on the first floor of City Hall (501 N. Anderson St) or you can visit our website to access fillable online forms. The fillable online forms may be used to start or stop service, to apply for low-income senior citizen or disabled special rates, or make application for a special rate if you are a non-profit agency serving low-income people.

To view a listing of the fillable online utility service request forms visit

The City of Ellensburg has established Residential Parking Zones or RPZ in the central area of town. The RPZ protects street parking for those who live and work in the Zone. If you are a resident, service provider or business located in the RPZ, you may apply for a parking permit. The parking permit is placed in your vehicle, and that vehicle is allowed to be parked in the RPZ.

Visit for more information and to make application, or stop by our customer service counter in City Hall at 501 N. Anderson St.


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