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Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

The communication studies major begins with a traditional liberal arts perspective, infuses an international/intercultural perspective, and then focuses on practical application of communication knowledge and skill. The major is intended for students who wish to be at home in a wide range of situations and cultures and who value the role of communication in creating effective relationships locally and globally. The major is also an effective foundation for advanced study (academic or professional).

Program Requirements
Students must complete the two communication foundation courses (COM 201 and COM 207) with an overall average of B, in order to graduate from the major.

Program Learner Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Understand multiple theoretical perspectives and diverse (including Western, Eastern, and others) intellectual underpinnings of communication.
  • Understand the principles of human dialogue together with competency in creating and sustaining that dialogue.
  • Demonstrate competency in presentation, preferably in more than one form.
  • Demonstrate competency in construction and analysis of persuasive discourse intended to influence beliefs, attitudes, values, and practices.
  • Demonstrate competency in systematic inquiry in the analysis of communication systems and processes (the process of asking questions and systematically attempting to answer them, and understanding the limitations of the conclusion reached).

Communication Foundation Core Requirements (10 credits)
    COM 201 - Introduction to Mass Communication Credits: (5)
    COM 207 - Introduction to Human Communication Credits: (5)

Required Courses (45 credits)
    COM 251 - Small Group Dynamics Credits: (4)
    COM 253 - Interpersonal Communication Credits: (4)
    COM 302 - Intercultural Communication Credits: (4)
    COM 340 - Rhetorical Theory Credits: (4)
    COM 345 - Business and Professional Speaking Credits: (4)
    COM 350 - Persuasion and Culture Credits: (4)
    COM 365 - Organizational Communication Credits: (4)
    COM 380 - Non-Verbal Communication Credits: (4)
    COM 401 - Communication Theory Credits: (4)
    COM 450 - Advanced Public Speaking Credits: (4)
    COM 451 - Communication Analysis and Research Credits: (4)
    COM 485 - Senior Seminar Credits: (4)
    COM 489 - Portfolio Assessment Credits: (1)

Specialization or Study Abroad (12 credits)
    Study Abroad Option:
Twelve (12) pre-approved credits from CWU or participating international institution
    Non-Study Abroad Specialization Option:
        You must take at least eight (8) credits from Intercultural/International Communication
        or at least eight (8) credits from Organizational Communication.
            Intercultural and International Communication
                COM 362 - Conflict and Communication Credits: (4)
                COM 402 - Gender Communication Credits: (4)
                COM 407 - Advanced Intercultural Communication Credits: (4)
                COM 490 - Cooperative Education Credits: (1-12) (May be repeated up to 4 times)
            Organizational Communication
                COM 375 - Interviewing Principles and Techniques Credits: (4)
                COM 403 - Family Communication Credits: (4)
                COM 465 - Communication and Organizational Leadership Credits: (4)
                COM 490 - Cooperative Education Credits: (1-12) (Must be taken for 4 credits)

Department-approved upper-division electives in COM Credits: 4 (May include COM 315.)



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