CWU Commencement

Emergency Plan 2014

CWU Emergency Commencement Plan

Although it’s never happened, as commencement is held outdoors it could be postponed or canceled for a variety of reasons, including inclement weather or other unexpected events out of the university's control. If CWU officials believe that anyone will be in any danger the ceremony will be canceled.

If the ceremony is postponed or canceled, students would still graduate and the degree date will still be posted as the last day of the quarter.

In the case of option Nos. 2 or 3 below, students should tune into the local news and radio stations for a formal announcement or review updated information on the CWU homepage (link

The Ellensburg commencement ceremonies could utilize option Nos. 1, 2 or 3 (see below) in case of emergency. The Kent commencement ceremony would utilize only option No. 3 as an emergency back-up plan.

Option No. 1: Ceremony is still held outside, but it will be shortened.

In this instance, student names will not be individually read nor will they walk across stage to receive their diplomas. Instead, students will stand as a group—master’s degree candidates first, followed by undergraduates—and degrees will be conferred after each group stands.

Photography staff will be available after the ceremony to take pictures of the graduates on the south side of Nicholson Pavilion.

Option No. 2: Ceremony is moved inside.
In this instance, Nicholson Pavilion (on the south side of Tomlinson Field) would be utilized as the primary venue. As each graduate would be limited to four guests, the proceedings would also be available for viewing via a video feed in the McIntyre Music Building Recital Hall.

Option No. 3: Ceremony is postponed and rescheduled.
In this instance, a follow-up card containing new instructions will be sent to graduates.