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CWU Commencement 2019

2014: Commencement Ceremony 1

2014: Jeff Charbonneau

Jeff Charbonneau, a CWU alumnus and an Eastern Washington science teacher was named national Teacher of the Year for 2013.

Charbonneau, from Zillah High in the Yakima Valley, is the first winner from Washington State since 2007, and he is spending a year traveling as an ambassador for the teaching profession.

Charbonneau, the 63rd National Teacher of the Year, was recognized along with all 2013 State Teachers of the Year by President Obama in a ceremony at the White House.

Charbonneau is a 2000 graduate in biology education, who also received his biology teaching certificate that same year. He earned his broad area science teaching certificate in 2004 and in 2005, he earned his master’s degree, all from CWU.

In addition, Charbonneau teaches online professional teacher certification courses and facilities the online National Board Teacher Certification candidate program through the CWU Office of Continuing Education. He also is a teacher in CWU's Cornerstone program, which allows his high school physics students to earn college credit.

2014: Commencement Ceremony 2

2014: Mr. Steven Pray (Student Speaker)

Second Ellensburg commencement — Mr. Steven Pray


2014: Kent Commencement Ceremony

2014: Ms. Mary Johnson (Student Speaker)

First Ellensburg commencement — Ms. Mary Johnson


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