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Summer Institute - Training for All Partners

General information regarding the requirements for operating within the CiHS policy, managing a smooth registration processes, and on-boarding as new CWU Adjunct Instructors are among the helpful topics covered.

New instructors must attend Summer Institute (SI) for training before they can offer the CWU College in the High School classes at their school.

Returning teachers must attend every third year, minimum, and more often if possible.

To receive appropriate professional development in their subject matter, teachers must attend a session at a location where their academic Faculty Liaison is in attendance. The time spent receiving mentoring from the liaison is often the most appreciated aspect of the Summer Institute and fulfills a requirement of state law and NACEP accreditation.

Instructors who are approved to teach in more than one discipline need to attend SI for each discipline every third year or more often. For example, teaching math and physics means attending a one-day SI and meeting with the math department, and attending another SI and meeting with the physics department.

All partners, including district and school administrators and counselors, benefit from the information. Having support from the front office reinforces the objectives and validates the efforts of the students toward reaching their educational goals.

Changes in policy and procedure do influence the classrooms. It’s important to receive current information from CWU, the CiHS program, and updates from OSPI.

Registration for Summer Institute usually opens in early March, and information will be provided at that time regarding which liaisons will be present at each location. Check back for updates, and keep this information in mind as summer vacation plans come together.

Summer Institute is a one-day, no-cost opportunity for professional development and peer networking which is held six times over the summer: twice on the CWU Ellensburg campus, twice at locations in eastern Washington, and twice in western Washington.

Summer Institute 2021

Summer Institute will again be offered as an online professional development opportunity.

All new approvals must attend a session where their academic liaison will be in attendance. Veteran teachers who have not participated for three years are encouraged to attend a session, and meet with their liaison, and keep up their credentials. Those who last attended in 2018 will receive an email notification.

Summer Institute will be scheduled to occur four times over the summer.

  • June 22
  • June 24
  • June 29
  • August 11

Registration for Summer Institute 2021 will close at 5:00pm on June 15, 2021.

Not ALL liaisons are available at all four sessions. Check the availability of your liaison at this Summer Institute link, and then select the date, and register.

Register for Summer Institute

Check the availability of your liaison and sign up for a date where they will be present to meet with you.
Registration for Summer Institute 2021 will close at 5:00pm on June 15, 2021.

Summer Institute Registration

2021 Powerpoint Presentations (slides as pdf)

These are the presentations that were used during the Summer Institute for 2021

New Partner Training - Context and Policy (Part 1)

New Partner Training - Registration and Student Information (Part 2)

Veteran Teacher Training

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