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Prepare to enter grades by checking your class roster.

As soon as the registration process is done, the student status is "Enrolled" at CWU.

Each teacher receives a notice via email when their class is enrolled. At that time, it is important for instructors to log into their faculty MyCWU account and check the roster. The MyCWU account is inactive until the class is enrolled.

Please confirm that all the students who should be listed are included. Notify your Coordinator if there are students missing, there are any name spelling errors, or other questions or discrepancies. If we don't hear from the teacher, we will assume there are no problems.

Each instructor needs to enter grades at the end of the term. This process is online via their MyCWU account. This must be done by deadline each term, in order to be reflected on CWU transcripts in a timely manner. This is especially important for graduating seniors, who order transcripts to be sent to their college or university of choice.

Please go to Instructor Forms for a graphic guide on how to enter your grades in MyCWU. Be aware, you won't have access until your class is in session.

Trouble logging in? Passwords change every 6 months. Contact IT for help.

AY 2021-22 Deadlines: Grades must be entered before 5:00 pm

Grading Deadlines 2021-22
Term Semester Trimester Quarter
Fall 2/4/2022 12/3/2021 12/17/2021
Winter N/A 3/18/2022 3/25/2022
Spring 6/24/2022 6/24/2022 6/17/2022

Registration Deadlines and Withdrawal Dates in General Forms also includes grading deadlines.

Change of Grade: If an instructor has a valid reason for changing a student’s grade, he or she may submit a Change of Grade form, which must include a justification for the change, be signed by the instructor, and submitted to the High School Partnerships office. The form will then be forwarded to the appropriate department for approval or denial.

If approved, the student’s grade will be manually changed by the Registrar’s Office. If the grade change is denied, the instructor will be notified. A Change of Grade Form is available by contacting the High School Partnerships office.

Incompletes: The “I” grade is used when the student was not able to complete the course by the end of the term, but has satisfactorily completed a sufficient portion of it and can be expected to finish without having to re-enroll in it. The instructor will designate what a student must do to complete the course and set a specific date up to one calendar year for the completion of the coursework.

If the work is not completed within one (1) calendar year from the last day of the quarter in which the “I” was received, the registrar will automatically convert the “I” to an “F.” However, instructors may require the work to be completed prior to the end of the calendar year. In these cases the registrar will convert the grade according to the date indicated by the instructor. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the professor and make arrangements to complete the course.
To earn a grade, the student must complete the work for the course as prescribed by the instructor by the indicated date on the incomplete. Students may not re-register for a course in which they receive a grade of incomplete.

All incomplete changes exceeding the one calendar year limit, including extensions, must be submitted by the instructor to Registrar Services for approval.

Full CWU Incomplete Policy