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Coordinate teachers, students, and schools for enrollment

It's important that all parties understand and adhere to the following step-by-step process:

Review class information

  • Teachers and students need to review the syllabus and the class information including expectations, fees and credits.
  • Teachers who are offering both College in the High School and AP in the same classroom need to clarify the differences between them.

Inform parents

  • Use the “Parent Letter” found in Forms or something similar.
  • In the case of Cornerstone parents/guardians, make sure they are aware in advance that they will be responsible for paying the class fee.

Confirm prerequisites

  • To register for a particular class, students must meet the eligibility laid out in the CWU catalog and the "Course Description and Prerequisite Requirements" document found in Forms.
  • Requirements vary between classes, but common requirements are to successfully pass pre-requisite course work and/or placement testing.
  • Only students that are eligible for enrollment (have already met prerequisites) should submit registration forms.

Testing may be needed, depending on the class

  • We encourage schools to have students take the Accuplacer Test through the CWU Testing Center. Additionally, we also find that if students take the test in the spring, they tend to perform better. If taking the test in the spring is not possible, CWU’s Testing Center has resources, such as practice tests, that students are able to use over the summer. Additional information about testing, including practice test resources for students, is available at Testing Information.
  • For ALEKS, SAT, ACT, MPT, Smarter Balance, or Accuplacer test results not from CWU: A copy of the official documented results must be submitted with the registration packet.

Completing Registration Forms

Choose the appropriate registration form. See Forms for fillable pdfs of "CES Dual Credit Grant Registration Form" and "Cornerstone Registration Form". Cornerstone form is for self-pay students, and the CES Dual Credit Grant form is for those covered by the state grant. Both payment models can be in one classroom.

  • Download the fillable pdf.
  • Teachers populate the top portion of the form, and then save the changes.
  • Distribute to the class.
  • It is strongly preferred that all students use the electronic form (fillable pdf) to prevent mistakes and increase legibility.
  • Students must use their full legal name, no nicknames. They need to fill all areas of the form, save it, then print it, and add their signature. Do not fill the form in Preview mode.
  • Cornerstone students must also have their parent/guardian’s address, phone, email, and signature.

Build and Submit Registration Form Packets

Teachers (and sometimes school counselors) collect student forms and review for completeness, accuracy and legibility.

  • Include a class roster of students participating in CIHS and the liaison-approved course syllabus for each class.
  • Attach proof that students have met pre-requisites (official testing scores or prior coursework), if required for admission to the class. If needed, Math or Physics COUs also need to be included at the same time as registration forms. (A Contract of Understanding, or COU, is an agreement between an instructor and a student who almost but didn't quite meet the testing score required for Math and Physics classes, to allow a student to enroll. See COUs in Instructor Forms, and ask your liaison for additional guidance.)
  • If Accuplacer tests were taken at their high school through the CWU Testing Center, the scores don’t need to be attached, we have direct access to that information.
  • Sort forms by class, and then alphabetize them, before scanning and emailing them to High School Partnerships before the deadline. Electronic copies sent to will allow the CWU enrollment process to begin, but originals do need to be provided.
  • Deadlines for students to submit forms to their teachers are earlier than the CiHS deadline to receive class packet submissions from schools/teachers.
  • Complete class registration packets must be received by the High School Partnerships office before the due date. Please see below, or the printer-friendly pdf in Forms.

Comprehensive CiHS registration packets for each class must include:

  • syllabus
  • roster
  • alphabetized registration forms
  • prerequisite proof (if required).

Registration form packets from schools must be received by HSP office before these deadlines:

Semester Schools Trimester Schools Quarter Schools
Fall 10/8/21 10/1/21 10/1/21
Winter N/A 12/10/21 1/14/22
Spring 2/11/22 4/8/22 4/8/22
  • Mail the original-signature hard copies to the HSP office. Self-addressed, postage paid envelopes will be provided to all high school partners by the second week of August. Additional envelopes available upon request.
  • If you are unable to provide hard copies by the stated deadline, electronic copies sent to will suffice, until originals can be provided.

The address to send all material:

Central Washington University
High School Partnerships
400 E University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7431

Problem Forms and Corrections

Any missing, illegible or incorrect information on any form may delay the registration for an entire class.

  • High School Partnerships staff will contact the school’s designated point of contact for ANY correction or addition that needs to be made for the class registration.
  • When all registration forms are complete and acceptable, the class will be enrolled by the CWU Registrar.

Student Account Holds

  • Occasionally a student will have a “hold” on their account, usually a financial issue. This could mean that they are not able to be enrolled. If that’s the case, we notify the school and offer the opportunity for the student to clear the problem and remove the hold. When it is cleared before the assigned due date, we can add them to the enrollment.


  • After the enrollment process is completed by the Registrar, teachers will receive a notification from the College in the High School office via email.
  • It is critical that teachers follow the included process and links to log into their MyCWU faculty account and double check the roster for each class.
  • Contact the CiHS office immediately with any questions or noted discrepancies.