College in the High School
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College in the High School Pathways

Comprehensive program information is provided below, sorted by the audience it is most likely to benefit. School Administrators, Counselors, Instructors, and Students & Parents are invited to peruse all material and contact us with any questions.

These participation guides are designed to lead different partners through the CWU College in the High School process from beginning to end.

Student and Parent Pathway

CWU College in the High School is an opportunity for students who are self-motivated and excited to get a head-start on their academic career. This program benefits students and teachers across Washington. Complete registration and commitment information for students and parent/guardians available at Student Participation Guide.

Instructor Pathway

Teachers who have met the qualifications to be CWU Adjunct Instructors deliver rigorous class material meeting CWU standards, enabling their students to register and earn highly-transferable CWU credit. These conscientious teachers adhere to policy and responsibly meet expectations. Complete process, responsibility, and printable support information for teachers is available at Instructor Participation Guide.

Counselor Pathway

High school counselors are in a key role while supporting students on their way to college and career readiness. Their unique position in this collaboration between students, parents, teachers and schools is effectively supported by information found at Counselor Pathway

Administration Pathway

The Administration Participation Guide contains the processes, responsibilities, and forms that district and school administrators (and possibly some school counselors) need to navigate in order to deliver College in the High School. Agreements between CWU and schools across the state are supported by this additional information, which benefits students as they embark on the transition from high school to college.