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Process for Teachers at CWU College in the High School

Teachers have a particular set of responsibilities concerning the partnership between them and the CiHS program. Instructor Responsibilities

Documents and hand-outs which will be helpful in your classroom are available at Instructor Forms

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  • Adjunct Instructor Application Process

    Applications for new instructors can be submitted to CWU High School Partnerships from September 1 to May 15. Initial training and ongoing professional development are among the requirements. For comprehensive details: Instructor Application Process

  • Offering a New Course

    If there is a course that we currently do not offer, and you would like to see if it is possible, please contact our office at (509) 963-1351 or email See a comprehensive list at Course Offerings or find a printer-friendly version in General Forms.

  • Academic Liaison support

    Every instructor is partnered with a CWU academic department liaison, to ensure instructional quality and adherence to CWU learning outcomes are maintained. Teachers engage with their Liaisons in professional development and the Liaisons conduct site visits. See "Liaison Contact Information" or find a printer friendly version in Instructor Forms.

  • Syllabus Requirements

    A syllabus for every class is required. One must be submitted with every registration packet, along with the roster and registration forms.

    • Work with your liaison to create a syllabus that meets all of NACEPs syllabus requirements, and CWU course outcomes and learning objectives.
    • Sample syllabi are available to provide guidance. Let us know what academic subject and we will provide that for you.
    • Each syllabus must be updated for each class every term. For example, Math 153 in fall term, and Math 154 in spring term each have their own syllabus, not one syllabus for the year for Math 153 and Math 154.
    • Students must receive a copy of the syllabus at the beginning of each term.

    See "Syllabus Template" in Instructor Forms.

  • Before Registration: Deadlines, Testing and Prerequisites

    Registration forms must be received by the College in the High School office before the stated deadline. Schools that are on different terms (Semesters, Trimesters, Quarters) have different deadlines. Deadlines are detailed in "Student Registration Process" below.

    Quite a few College in the High School classes require certain placement test scores in order for students to be considered ready to take them. See: Testing Information

    Eligibility of students often depends on prerequisites, which may include previous coursework (e.g. passing Precalc with a C or better, before being able to enroll in Calculus) or acceptable placement test scores. For a complete list of courses and their prerequisites, see "Course Descriptions and Prerequisites" in General Forms

  • Student Registration Process

    For a smooth and complete registration process, please follow the link to additional instructions for preparing and submitting CiHS and Cornerstone Forms, Placement Test Results, Rosters, and Syllabi. CiHS Registration Process

  • Rosters and Entering Grades

    Instructors need to check their rosters in the Faculty MyCWU, when students are enrolled and the teacher is notified.

    At the end of the term grades must be entered before deadline.

    Please go to Instructor Forms for a graphic guide on how to enter your grades in MyCWU. Be aware, you won't have access until your class is in session.

    AY 2021-22 Deadlines: Grades must be entered before 5:00 pm
    Term Semester Schools Trimester Schools Quarter Schools
    Fall 2/4/2022 12/3/2021 12/17/2021
    Winter N/A 3/18/2022 3/25/2022
    Spring 6/24/2022 6/24/2022 6/17/2022

    Registration Deadlines and Withdrawal Dates in General Forms also includes grading deadlines.

    Instructors may occasionally need to submit a Change of Grade form, or issue an Incomplete.

    Thorough information is available on the Rosters and Grades page.

  • Professional Development: Summer Institute

    All College in the High School instructors are required to participate in program and discipline orientation and professional development, known as Summer Institute (SI).

    Newly approved teachers must attend Summer Institute prior to teaching, and veteran teachers must attend every three years (at minimum).

    Teachers with approval for multiple disciplines need to attend one SI day for each discipline, every third year or more often.

    School and district administrators are encouraged to attend.

    More on Summer Institute

  • Student Evaluation of Instruction

    Near the end of every class term, all enrolled CiHS students have an opportunity to respond to a survey called Student Evaluation of Instructor (SEOI). The SEOIs are completely anonymous, the teachers will not be able to know who submitted answers or connect any answers to a particular student.

    This evaluation is beneficial both to the teacher, who can change and improve their teaching, and to the CWU CiHS program to help us deliver a better university class experience to high school students. It is part of the important information required by NACEP for accreditation.

    Students MUST activate their MyCWU account in order to participate. The link to the survey will be emailed to the students email on their registration.

    Instructors will receive an email letting them know when SEOIs will begin and end for each term. An instructor must have logged in an activated thier account in order for their class to be part of the SEOI distribution.

    For in-depth information regarding SEOIs for your students, please go to SEOI Information.

    View a Sample SEOI created for College in the High School in Student Forms

  • Absence/Long Term Leave

    When a high school adjunct resigns, retires, takes a leave, or is no longer teaching with the district, the high school must contact the High School Partnerships office promptly. If an instructor becomes unable to teach for any reason and will be out of the classroom for more than ten consecutive instructional days, the school/district/instructor must contact the High School Partnerships office. If no qualified (CWU’s minimum qualifications) replacement can be found, the course will be cancelled. Central understands the challenges of transition and we will work to support you in this process.

  • Instructor Compliance

    If an instructor fails to comply with any of the High School Partnerships instructors’ responsibilities, he or she will first be notified of their non-compliance in writing. If the instructor continues to be non-compliant, a warning letter will be sent to both the non-compliant instructor, the principal of the high school, and the school district's Point of Contact, found on the Interlocal Agreement.