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Instructor Application Process


All instructors for CWU College in the High School/Cornerstone meet requirements set by CWU faculty which include level of education, teaching experience, and possibly additional career experience as appropriate. If you are interested in becoming a CWU Adjunct instructor for College in the High School, this is the process.

First, check your subject for the minimum instructor qualifications to see if you meet them, or print the "Minimum Qualifications" document, in Forms.

Items needed for the application process:

  • Cover Letter addressing academic program (if you are applying for more than one discipline (e.g. math and biology) please provide a cover letter for each.
  • Current resume or C.V. outlining specific content expertise
  • CWU Application - download a fillable pdf from the Instructor Forms section on the Forms page.
  • Three letters of recommendation (one from current supervisor)
  • Unofficial undergraduate and graduate transcripts (copies from your district office are acceptable)

Applications can be submitted between September 1 and May 15 each academic year, in order for you to be approved by CWU for teaching the following academic year.

Please email completed applications to

When the completed application is received by the High School Partnerships office, CWU’s appropriate academic department will evaluate the application materials. Application review timelines vary between departments, but usually takes four to six weeks.

The High School Partnerships office will contact the applicant via US mail upon completion of the review process. If approved, the candidate will be considered adjunct faculty at CWU.

The approved applicant will be required to attend a one-day College in the High School/Cornerstone training workshop, known as Summer Institute.

First year adjunct faculty must attend the Summer Institute prior to their first year of teaching our courses, and (at minimum) every 3rd year after. Attending Summer Institute yearly is not required but highly recommended.

In order to maintain CWU adjunct faculty status, the faculty member must teach one course (minimum) within a three-year period. If after three years, a faculty member does not teach a certified CWU course they will have to reapply to be an adjunct faculty member in order to teach again. It is also the responsibility of the adjunct instructor to maintain communication with their department liaison-every six months at minimum.

Offering a New Course

When a school decides it wants to propose a new course offering, they need to contact CWU’s High School Partnerships office at (509) 963-1351 or
Check the CWU Course Offerings in General Forms. The comprehensive list details the extent to which CWU classes are offered already, in high schools around the state. We are also willing to expand this list of offerings, depending on the academic department's approval. Course syllabi must be approved by the CWU Liaison.

If you have any questions please email Kyle Carrigan, Director of Concurrent Enrollment.