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College in the High School


Welcome to the archive of all forms referred to within the CWU College in the High School website.  Click on the short list below, or scroll to the topic of your choice. 

Please let us know if a form is out of date or shows an error.  All forms were updated for academic year 2019-2020 in June 2019. 

General Forms for all partners

Administration Forms for district offices, principals and counselors

Instructor Forms for teachers

Student/Parent Forms for Students and Parents or Guardians

Guides for troubleshooting online use


General Forms for All CWU College in the High School Partners 

Program Comparison Table for College in the High School, Running Start, and AP

CWU Course Offerings in CiHS (list)

Registration Deadlines and Withdrawal Dates.

Course Descriptions and Prerequisites 

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Administrator and Counselor Forms

Sample Interlocal Agreement

NACEP (Surveys will be emailed to appropriate participants.  Samples below are for informational purposes.)  

NACEP Standards

NACEP Counselor Survey

NACEP Instructor Survey

NACEP Principal Survey

NACEP Student Survey - One year out

NACEP Student Survey - Four years out 

Administrator's Handbook

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Instructor Forms

Minimum Qualifications Table  CiHS teachers meet these competencies

CWU Application Form  Include in your application packet.  Fillable pdf

Liaison Contact Information  CWU Faculty support from academic departments

CWU Syllabus Template   Syllabi must meet/reflect CWU teaching standards and practices  

Classroom Observation Form  used by Liaisons when observing your teaching

Parent Letter to help Instructors introduce CIHS to their students' parents

College in the High School Registration Form*

Cornerstone Registration Form*

*Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, and Tacoma schools, please contact our office directly for your registration forms

Instructions for Registration Process 

Contracts of Understanding - used when students' test scores are close to meeting the prerequisite and with support, the students can achieve success

COU for Math

COU for Math 172 only

COU for Math (Next Gen testing)

COU for Physics 111 only

Teacher Registration Checklist - brief overview of registration process

Grading Guide  graphic 

Non-Compliance Letter issued if teachers fail to uphold standards set by CWU and NACEP

Corrective Action Plan issued with Professional Development Plan to realign non-compliance

Professional Development Plan

Instructor Handbook

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Student & Parent/Guardian Forms

Student Application Process  How to get started with CWU College in the High School classes. 

MyCWU User Name Letter Each student gets one in the mail. Don't lose it. 

Next Steps after Registration lists things to consider, now that you've registered.

CWU Resources will help you find the library, tutoring, career assistance and more 

Dual Credit Tracking Sheet helps students keep track, preparing for admissions process

Financial Aid and Dually Enrolled Students for more on the ways CiHS credits earned might affect Financial Aid

Preparing for College helps you provide for admissions process

CWU General Education and Graduation Requirements (Advising Worksheet) from CWU Admissions, this lists the GenEd program credit requirements and pathways.  For additional information about the new GedEd program, visit CWU General Education.

Application Fee Waiver Instructions  for any High School Partnerships student applying to CWU

Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEOI) Sample of survey for students, which is emailed to all students who activate their MyCWU account. 

Student Handbook 

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Guides for Troubleshooting Online Use

MyCWU Release of Information

How to Assign a Guest User from MyCWU

Making a Payment through MyCWU

How to Get Official and Unofficial Transcripts

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